Attitude, Meaning Symbolism and Allegory Essay

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Attitude, Meaning Symbolism and Allegory

Part 1: Discussion with Others on Symbolize Pool, Highway and Character Needy

The “Swimmer” is one of a long familiar works of John Cheever (1964) which is illustrative of his suburban stories in which John relates individuals living by using symbolize themes such as Pool, highway, character Needy, suburbia and foreshadowing. How these symbolizes used by John Cheever to narrate his story summarize the realisms, surrealism and humoristic description of suburban life.

I believe the pool is the excavation of water. But in John Cheever’s ‘the swimmer”, the pool is the subversion of the nature which represents the place of characters. Cheever relates his story that the confining nature of the suburbs is inexplicit in the approximation of the pool itself. It is the structure by which the water, the most important natural of all earthly and an essential of life is set for activities or leisure. John Cheever considers in story, the life of in the suburban as a pool of individuals that share same interest of living.

In John Cheever’s story, highway is the swimming pools of his county used by Neddy Merril (369) as a means of transportation back to his house. The author point of view Needy used the pool as highway to travel from neighbor to neighbor. From pool to pool/ He travel through the dark underbody of suburbia, and discover the labor of both his and his community’s lives. The highway is the path that allows Neddy to participating his community’s lives and discovers his own life.

The Character, Needy consider himself to be an adventurer or a pilgrim when he determines and continues as such even if the end of the story and his unusual decision describe near. As Neddy goes into one pool out to another, he considered himself as reborn each time, finding out that the world is not the informal place he at one time comprehended. He considered the word as a complex that place he never comprehends because of the diversity of human activities and needs.

Foreshadowing and alcohol two symbolize that are important to the outcome of the story. In the Swimmer of John Cheever, the foreshadowing designated what is wrong between the realities and the surreal materialize. The author used the foreshadowing by means of the simple description everyday objects and events. For example the example pool, strange approaches storm despite the perfect sun moment the smell and signs of autumn. The author did not specify to the reader that this man getting a hallucination or something is wrong. The Swimmer of John Cheever represents the alcohol as a motif and the symbol and important to several levels. As a motif alcohol nearly likes a handshaking or a tranquilizer and polite, temporary motion. It is the main object around which all social or parties’action rotates.

This is mentioned at the beginning of the story when the narrator talks about how nearly everyone “drank too much”. The alcohol gesture symbolizes an invitation to form aside reality and join others in a covering of reality. The ready find out that Neddy covering the reality and drinking was only the part of the case There may be different interpretation by the readers because each reader has his way to comprehend or understand the themes or the entire story. Certain readers amend or contrast what the author or narrator develops in his novel or book. Some readers explain things according the way he likes things to be, while others exculpate what someone has developed his story. For example there are many interpretation of the pool in the “Swimmer” of John Cheever.

Part 2

I believe when you dream of water. it means the individual will be a powerful and rich man. The water defines the prosperity and tranquility of life according of certain culture. The snake defines the manhood and the fear. When some dreams of snake, means it will give a birth of boy and he will be a group leader. Falikou from another country had a different point about these dreams. In my country, when someone dreams of water means a long lasting problem which extend to whole country; wile, when someone dreams of snake defines poverty and physical distress. As far as my concern, the multiples interpretation of the same story by different readers because his reader has his believe and his culture in addition to his understanding of the story. That why there are humorist, naturalist, surrealist, existentialist and anthropologist. These different categories of people will have different interpretation of same story. The multiple interpretations of the same story occur when different opinions of different categories of people amend or contrast the writers ‘stories, novels or books.


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