Attention economy Essay Topics

How terrorism affect our economy

Terrorism and terrorist activates are never intended to target an economy directly, instead it is designed to scare people who, overwhelmed by there trepidation destroy there own economy. The pliant economy of United States was misjudged in contrast with the September 11 terrorist attacks. Despite an estimated $120 billion of damage and a great deal… View Article

Background of Oldtown

The biggest kopitiam restaurant linkage in Malaysiais Oldtown Berhad .Oldtown Berhad occupied in the manufacturing of beverages and manage a chain of caf√©under the OLDTOWN WHITE COFFEE brand name. Oldtown using its formulated blendof coffees to served. Its major headquarters is in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. The served areas are Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and China. Its… View Article

Abnormality of Lindsay Lohan

For one to be classified as psychologically abnormal, he or she must display the four mannerisms of abnormality, known as “the four D’s: dysfunction, distress, deviance, and dangerousness. I am certain that the Hollywood star, Lindsay Lohan, meets the qualifications of abnormality. Lindsay’s behavior prevents her functioning normally in life. Lindsay Lohan’s addiction to alcohol… View Article