Attendance Monitoring Information System Essay

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Attendance Monitoring Information System

The Project READ resulted from individual and group studies and experiences of ePerformax staff members in the course of working with potential recruits. Their research yielded the following realities which aroused concern: While there were a lot of better paying jobs for Filipinos who had a good command of the English language, there were not enough Filipinos who could qualify. Job seekers who come from middle income means and higher had better chances to land good jobs because they are more proficient in English and can help themselves to more books to improve themselves. Job seekers who learned English at a younger age tend to have little trouble adjusting to global standards and communication challenges. The younger one develops English skills, the higher the chances of success later on in life. Monetary assistance to the poor tend to be short-lived and non sustaining, but providing them skills for self-help gave them a chance for a better future. Cultivating English proficiency and access to books may provide a solution.

Brief History of the company

ePerformax Contact Centers & BPO (eP) is a joint venture between TDG and ePerformax Contact Centers USA. As one of the first contact centers in the Philippines in 2002, eP provides high-performance customer service and BPO to a strategic group of US Fortune 500 companies. eP provides English speaking inbound customer service, sales support and BPO via voice calls, email and chat supporting client’s customers from the US, Canada and Australia.. eP’s sister company, the Global Communications & Management Academy, provides the essential training and skills to prepare Filipinos for a job in the country’s highly-regarded BPO industry supporting global companies.

Services Offered and its description

They seek to partner with their clients to manage their program from a business perspective to achieve their goals and vision. They think like we think… strategically and financially with a keen focus on the business today and an eye on the future. This means they understand the need to be responsive and proactive. They don’t wait for you to tell us to make improvements. They suggest improvements to us and work with the team to make them happen. Simply put, customer experience involves customer service, plus making sure the customer is fully satisfied at every point where he or she comes into contact with the organization. That’s a never-ending process of listening to the customer, servicing the customer, learning from the customer and improving for the customer. That’s how they view their client partnerships.

PERFORM in ePerformax:

P – Passion Persuades

The entire ePerformax team is driven to be the best. Every employee is compensated based on their ability to achieve the KPMs that are aligned with their client’s business objectives. They make analytics common practice at all levels of management to give their managers the tools to understand the dynamics of our business in order to know what’s really working, what’s not and why, and what to do to positively influence performance. At ePerformax they have a driving desire to be the best.

E – Empowerment Leads

Their analytical processes take the guess work out of making solid decisions, and their team members are empowered to take action and manage the business as if it were their own. Armed with the data, analytical tools and proper training, their team can proactively address both challenges and opportunities, manage risks, improve efficiencies, reduce costs through elimination of unnecessary work, and identify patterns in the vast amounts of available data to take corrective actions that result in continuous improvements. At ePerformax they don’t wait to be told which direction to go. They lead the way.

R – Resourcefulness Rocks

Resourcefulness and empowerment go hand-in-hand. To maximize their analytical capabilities management not only needs to make decisions, but also have the resourcefulness to implement them. This is yet another point of differentiation they believe contributes to their ability to outperform other competitive vendors. Every aspect of the operation requires creativity in identifying valuable data and organizing resources to deliver results. Their managers are trained and empowered to be resourceful in their roles. At ePerformax they don’t accept limitations. They find solutions.

F – Flexibility Thrives

Another key point of differentiation is the speed at which they respond to their client’s changing needs. Their job is to make it easy for their clients to make the necessary adjustments to their business even if they don’t make it easy for the team. It is because of their size and small number of clients, they are able to deliver speed boat responsiveness. They are also one of only a few companies that has implemented a compressed, 48-hour work week for agents. That means they pay their staff for 8 hours above the 40 hours of productive time each individual is scheduled. That allows flex time for coaching, training and taking calls if needed to support services levels. At ePerformax they’re not easily rattled. They accept the need for change.

O – Optimism Prevails

This is an important component of their ability to meet and exceed our objectives. In order to be optimistic, they start by being realistic. They look at every action they are planning for the worst case scenarios and by doing so they are then able to minimize risk and focus on success. Optimism, properly managed is a catalyst for change. And in a constantly changing industry and a continuous improvement culture, change is what ultimately drives results. At ePerformax they believe in the potential of every team member.

R – Results – Orientation Wins

They know that hard work and hard results are different and they believe in achieving the hard results. They work with their clients to ensure that their KPMs are directly aligned with their business objectives. And they adopt a single-minded focus to achieving those objectives. By focusing their efforts on the KPMs at all levels of the organization, they develop clarity of purpose, momentum and a methodology for prioritization of the work needed to be done to get the desired results. At ePerformax they understand the difference between hard work and hard results. They always go for hard results.

M – Motivation Succeeds

Every action has a consequence and when the positive consequences outweigh the negative consequences, they motivate the performance they want to achieve. As such, we see a critical need for their business culture, disciplines, accountabilities and incentives to be aligned with their clients. We monitor our results constantly to ensure they are motivating every individual to contribution. In doing so, they have been able to develop a high-performing team that wants to win for their clients. That gives their clients the assurance that they are aligned with them. And that’s motivating to everyone.


The objective of this visit in ePerformax is to know how they seek to partner with their clients to manage their program from a business perspective to achieve their goals and vision.

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