Attacks on the Black Family

From my perspective, yes there is attack on the black family. By using things I have seen in reality shows, dramas, movies, etc, you can easily identify different stereotypes and/or prejudices that details what the black family currently is. First and this list is how the balck family is portrayed as comedic and or immature in most reality shows.

Save for a few, most shows starring black families usually avoid serious topics then exaggerate and ridicule problems like divorce, adoption, childcare, workforce, and identity issues for comedic properties.

In addition to this farce, movies and dramas aren’t any better. Most movies and dramas till now doesn’t even star a ‘whole’ black family.

There is always extreme conflict that is not always true. For example, try to recall a single current movie/drama that plot doesn’t include shooting, gang violence, drug, lesser education, defiant children, single or neglectful parents, living in ‘poverty’, or the inability to get/keep a job.

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On the contrary, one might say it is ok to make movies/dramas like this because of the overused ‘rags to riches’ plot or some type of overcoming adversity (which is nearly impossible in reality by the way) but these ‘plots’ clearly is made to avoid mass condenment and loss of funds.

So in a way, this attack to achievement in our current media is just another way to earn in a capitalistic society. The more stereotypes, the more ‘issues’, and the more prejudices to reverse, you can say they can make more targeted media for capital gain.

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Attacks on the Black Family

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