Atomic Structure Electricity Essay

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Atomic Structure Electricity

1. Explain how being a metal, metalloid, or non-metal affects conductivity. Metal improves conductivity since Metals usually have small amounts of valance electrons which allow smoother movement through them.

Metalloids can either improve or weaken conductivity by adding or removing an electron. Non-metals have poor conductivity because their valance shell haves 4 or more valance electrons.

2. Is the element Sulfur a metal or non- metal. Explain how you got your answer. Nonmetal, it has three physical properties of nonmetals/ poor conductor of electricity and heat.

3. In your own words, describe how electrons move between atoms to create electricity.

The movement of electrons cause electricity by moving by traveling along other conductors, the movement of the electron cause energy to be in the
forms of electricity and heat.

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