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Atmosphere Essay Examples

Essay on Atmosphere

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Willy Russell Create Mood and Atmosphere in the Summer Sequence

The fact that he appears to them as a friendly, even helpful, face increases the audience’s wariness of him and therefore the sinister nature of the scene. The overriding atmosphere of the scene is the last section is one of desperation and uncertainty. Russell uses metaphors such as “broken bottles in the sand” to symbolise a man-made impression on something naïve and happy, which symbolis...

Heroes Robert Cormier Atmosphere and Mood

Larry ‘withdraws a pistol’ knowing that Francis won’t be able to fulfil his ‘mission’. The pistol was a ‘relic from the war’; it seems as if everything bad that happened in Francis’ life lies right there in that tenement. ‘Leave me here, leaver everything here… leave it all behind with me’ We can see how quickly the mood changes, from Francis’ violent words to Larry’s wor...

Oceans and Atmosphere Worksheet

Describe each layer briefly. There is the Troposphere, the Stratosphere, the Mesosphere, and the Thermosphere. The Troposphere contains 80% of all actual mass of the atmosphere. It is also the layer where all weather phenomenon take place. Most all heat absorbing gases reside here. The Stratosphere contains 19% of all atmospheres mass. The Mesosphere and Thermosphere together contain only 1% of th...

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Aurora Borealis in the Upper Atmosphere

In the early 20th century, auroral research focused on light emission, altitude, distribution and color. Today, scientists strive to understand the processes that produce the various forms of the northern lights and attempt to explain their changes in time and space. Scientists are especially interested in the effects of solar activity on the Earth's near-space. General interest in possible global...

Earth Science: Atmosphere Essay

Another important topic on the atmosphere is atmospheric pressure. Air pressure is defined as the gravimetric force applied on you by the weight of air molecules. The Earths atmosphere presses down on every surface with a force of 1kg/cm2. This means that the force on 1000 square centimeters would be nearly a ton! Weather scientists measure air pressure with a barometer. Air pressure effects weath...

Commentary on Wilfred Owen's "Dulce Et Decorum Est"

Owen wants the readers to understand how many people really care for one soldier’s death. In the last paragraph it’s almost clearly stated how one would feel while dying for their country. The dying soldier leaving behind ‘his hanging face, like a devil’s sick of sin’ would give an image of how he would be dying his painful death. The reader could imagine the pain the soldier has, and ho...

Notes: Atmosphere and Married People

They are doctors, engineers, scientists, pilots, drivers, conductors, chartered accountants, bank officers, insurance agents, police officers, army officers, film directors, ministers, fashion designers and what not. In army they have shown physical strength and endurance in sub freezing temperatures, heights of hills, deserts and hot tropics. There is no doubt that things have improved a lot in t...

The Haze Problem

The haze can cause a collision if pilots lose their bearing because the haze has hampered their vision. If such an incident occurs,it may result in a large number of deaths. Some may argue about it will be costly if Malaysia provide all forms of technical assistance including sending manpower, equipment, waters bombers and doing cloud seeding in Indonesia.. However,it will be worth when the haze p...

Causes and Effects of Haze

Residents are also advised to abstain from outdoor activities who are farmers fishermen have to find alternative ways to earn their income for the time being. In addition, forest fires that used to clear land are the reason of haze too. The authorities concerned prefer used the way forest fires to clear land because they think so it was the fastest way to clear land. But, forest fires make their w...

The Atmosphere in Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights

Both, Charlotte and Emily Bronte's manipulation of the language , and the narrative lenses provided within the frames of the novels influences the reader to perceive these novels in a manner that shows it in all it's context of setting and therefore it's marvel. The Bronte's artistically use the vital ingredient of setting which creates atmosphere to enhance their characters makeup, create themes ...

Setting and Atmosphere in Bleak House

This will the keep the reader interested, and wanting to read on. The contrast of extreme poor and rich settings allow Collins and Dickens to easily express their political views, which influenced many journalists and political figures. This demonstrates how well the setting was used by the two close friends. Dickens and Collins also concentrates on how children were treated wrongly by using setti...

The Monkey's Paw

The atmosphere is tensioned with quick answers from Morris, the answers are not all unveiled adding to the suspense of the mystery. Morris also says something that will frighten the reader and make them want to read on, as the point is not brought up again for a while, ' "The first man had his three wishes, yes" was the reply. "I don't know what the first two were, but the third was for death. Tha...

Aqua Silencer

It is smokeless and pollution free emission and also very cheap. The aqua silencer’s performance is almost equivalent to the conventional silencer. ADVANTAGES Diesel engines are playing a vital role in Road and sea transport, Agriculture, mining and many other industries. Considering the available fuel resources and the present technological development, Diesel fuel is evidently indispensable In...

Air quality

One must realize the fact that plants constitute a major recycling pathway for the purification of atmospheric air. Photosynthesis uses sunlight and such inorganic molecules like CO2 to produce organic compounds in the from of glucose. This is consumed by animals to produce CO2. O2 is used in oxidation of food in animals with carbon dioxide as byproduct. This pathway is important in determining th...


Anomalies of Anthropogenic Climate Change And their Impact to HumanitySubmitted in partial fulfillment of The requirements for Chemistry for Engineers (CHM031)Francis Jacob D. Aquino17-March-2019 (1st Draft)Anthropogenic climate changes allude to Greenhouse gas production in which it is the result by human activity. By examining and investigating the polar ice caps, scientists are somewhat convinc...


The armies of darkness all gather, and it is a sight to behold. As they march up the hill, overtaking me, I witness roaring thunder. Fuming lightning. Vicious movement. The everlasting darkness that devours all it meets; we fear it. Apprehension dominates the atmosphere; padding vehement vibes across its incapable sufferer. The armies of darkness do not fear. They do...

Calm and peaceful atmosphere

The story of this building fascinated me immensely. It was ordered to be built by a king in the memory of his beloved wife. His wife had died at a young age and to show how much he loved her Shah Jahan directed more than twenty thousand men to labour for twenty years until it was completed. Inside the building were both the king and his wife's graves. A beautiful marble screen surrounded them and ...

Create atmosphere in the opening chapters of Great Expectations

He had left a final mark on Pip, to force him to return the next night with all of the goods, the convict explains this by saying "lord strike you dead if you don't". In the opening chapter of Great Expectations, the scene is set in an old graveyard . The graveyard is described as a "bleak" place. Pip creates childish imaginations by describing his deceased brothers' gravestones as being "five lit...

Create atmosphere and tension

The other shots that were used are a long shot, close up, high angle, low angle and a p.o.v. to put us into the scene. They are there to put emphasis on things such as the amazing gadgets or important parts of the story line such as when the monster first moves its hand. The angles are used to make people look small. The effects are that it creates suspense and create a mood. They are also put the...

Discuss the atmosphere created

16 Shakespeare W, Hamlet, 1995, Oxford University Press, Act 1, Scene 3, Lines 110-111 17 Shakespeare W, Hamlet, 1995, Oxford University Press, Act 2, Scene 2, Lines 86-89 18 Shakespeare W, Hamlet, 1995, Oxford University Press, Act 2, Scene 1, Lines 19-20 19 Shakespeare W, Hamlet, 1995, Oxford University Press, Act 2, Scene 2, Line 219 20 www. gradesaver. com 21 Handout, The state of Denmark 22 S...

FAQ about Atmosphere

How does Steinbeck create mood and atmosphere in section 6

..."George let himself be helped to his feet. ‘Yeah, a drink.' Slim said, ‘You hadda, George. I swear you hadda. Come on with me.' He led George into the entrance of the trail and up towards the highway Curley and Carlson looked after them. And Carl ...

How does Steinbeck create atmosphere in the lead up to the fight between Lennie and Curley?

...There are many aspects of Steinbeck’s language and style that build a tense atmosphere leading up to the fight, such as his simple, understandable but harsh dialogue and concise but detailed descriptions with lots of imagery and sensory descriptio ...

How does Shakespeare Create Atmosphere

...It is also revealed that Romeo is very immature and cannot handle the concept of taking responsibility, only has he just been married and he blames Juliet for his weakness causing Mercutio’s death, linking back to his quote on fortune, Romeo seems ...

How does Edgar Allan Poe create atmosphere in "The Tell Tale Heart"

...The setting is marvellous, an old house, sealed off from all light, its chilling and scary making me feel lucky to live where I do, in the light. I also think that all the punctuation that Edgar Allen Poe used was used at an appropriate time and was ...

How is the atmosphere of evil achieved in Macbeth?

...The other theatrical tool that Shakespeare employs is to use strange and vivid characters to show how the evil has been absorbed into every living thing. I've already mentioned the witches, but nearly every character (except for the 'non-evil' people ...

How does conan doyle use setting in the hound of the baskervilles?

...The setting is mostly scary throughout but not too obviously otherwise it would lessen the effect Conan Doyle has made which is of subtle horror, sometimes the scenery is described as pleasant to make you feel as though the place is not scary but a s ...

How Does the Setting Enhance the Atmosphere in 'The Strange case Of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde'?

...day/night, good/bad, Jekyll/Hyde, wealthy suburbs/grimy back streets, respectability (boring)/freedom (exciting). I think that his life experiences and feelings play a large part in the story and it's inner meanings. In this book you can see that the ...

How do directors use musical scenes to engage the audience and create atmosphere?

...In my opinion, the most effective for me was 'Elephant Love Medley'. I think that is maybe because I can relate more to Christian and Satine as I, from my background, can understand more the risks of love than the feeling of being pressured love by a ...

In the opening scene of Macbeth, how does Shakespeare set the atmosphere for what will happen later in the play?

...In conclusion, this scene identifies Macbeth and links him to the future evil and tragic events that will unfold during the play. Although the witches must take some blame for influencing Macbeth with their prophesies and temptations, he has free wil ...

How do writers of three short stories create an atmosphere of mystery and suspense?

...I prefer "The signalman" because I prefer stories with a mysterious ending or any mystery in the story itself. I like the beginning of "The Signalman" as the narrator assumes the signalman is ill-mannered by giving no reply therefore, creating a firs ...

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