Athletic Trainer

Hmm , What do i want to do when i grow up? Career wise. As i sit and think about the future and what i would love to do , i know there is one job i would love to do when i get older and fully matured. My career is an Athletic Trainer.

A Sports or Athletic Trainer are apart of the allied heath profession. They work in a variety of ways to either help athletes heal from injuries or to help prevent injuries from occurring while athletes practice or complete.

In the US, in order to be an athletic trainer you must complete a minimum of a bachelors degree in athletic training. Many people in this field also hold an master’s degree and PhD. After completing the minimum college requirements, the athletic trainer must take exams in the US to be come board certified. An Athletic Trainer could work in the following settings.

· Sports Medicine ·Privately with individual athletes ·University sports programs.

·Amateur or professional sports teams ·Teaching profession at the university level

A athletic trainer tends too work alongside other medical professionals, and usually works with doctors, especially those who specialize in sports medicine. When an athlete is injured, the athletic trainer helps to carry out any plans and methods for healing injuries and hopefully helping athletes to continue their sports careers when they are fully healed. Depending upon the injury athletic trainers may help bandage tape or use methods that allow the athlete to continue in their sport immediately.

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Alternately, they may work with athletes by helping them to rehab activites, assessing them ablilty to return to competition, and continuing to note any problems or progress the athlete is making during recovery.

Additionally, Athletic Trainers are on hand in most sports programs to evaluate exercises and the sport itself in order to make sure injuries are kept to a minimum. Just as an occupational thereapist might help sort out the most ergonmic ways for people to complete repetitive work, the sports trainer ealuates the type of exercises and movements in sport in order to determine weather certain exercises or activies pose potential risk of injury. With sports coaches, an athletic trainer may ev olve safe exercies regiments for athletes on avoiding certain pitfalls/actities that may easily result in injuries.

It must be a great job too be an Athletic Trainer. To spend all this time helping athletes in ALL sports. Another thing is its almost like an doctor , Specifially for sports, Muust be great!

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