At what age should teenagers be allowed to drive? Essay

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At what age should teenagers be allowed to drive?

The leadership I received from my Cadet Corps Commanding Officer’s was outstanding and influenced me tremendously over my career. They inspired me and provided a sound base upon which I was able to develop my own leadership abilities and the confidence to believe in them. Hopefully, their being a role model for me has led me to be a role model for others. Lastly, cadets and the summer camps led me to believe that I wanted to join the Canadian Forces because I enjoyed the military way of life!

The cadet programme had a huge impact on my development. It instilled discipline, a sense that teamwork was important to succeed, the need to strive for excellence, public speaking experience, and an understanding that fitness was important and should be a way of life not just a passing trend. Lessons from cadets have aided me throughout my life. Having worked as part of a team in cadets, I found the adjustment to working as part of a team within the Canadian military was easy whereas others found the adjustment difficult. Public speaking is another area in which cadets aided my development. Being able to speak to a group effectively is extremely important as one moves through life and assumes various responsibilities.

Cadets gave me the confidence and the basic principles of public speaking. Probably the most important lesson learned, however, was the need to look after one’s subordinates as a first priority. Do this, and your chances of succeeding in your endeavours will be greatly enhanced. I am in Cornell’s College of Engineering and considering a major in Electrical Engineering.

I enjoy every aspect of electrical engineering. Even when I was young, I used to take things apart to see how they worked. Now that I’ve actually started learning how these things work and getting hands on experience with electronics, I think that electrical engineering is the perfect choice for me. My interests are varied. I am extremely interested in electronics, but that interest does not stop at just electronics; it extends to computers. I have always been very strong in the area of computers. From software to hardware I have a natural inclination to understanding and operating computers.

But I have always been more interested in the hardware side of computers, so I am more interested in digital electronics. As far as my career goals, there are two areas in which I would love to work. First, I would love to work for NASA on their space probes. I feel that I would find that type of research and problem solving oriented work interesting. You have to come up with creative solutions to very hard problems presented by the environment of space. On the other hand, I would like to work as a project manager in a high-tech company where I would have to lead my team through challenging projects. This high-tech company work is very similar to the work at NASA.

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