At The Back of the Stage Essay

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At The Back of the Stage

Dated back April 7, 2014, at 8:00 pm the Search for Bb. Jimenez .The most prestigious event in the town where I considered being one of my most unforgettable moments in life because it’s like a dream came true. Before, I’m just an audience who dreamed to be part of the show who ramp at the stage watched by my own fellow Jimeneznon. But it’s my fortune to be given a chance to be one of them. At the start I hesitate because it’s my first time to ramp at the stage crowded by a lot of people, but I changed my mind because I told to myself why not try it? There is nothing to lose of trying right? As long as we enjoy and we love what we do.

Someone will say, how came that the Search for Bb. Jimenez 2014 is one of my unforgettable moment if I didn’t made it to the top 5? Well, getting the Crown is not all that matter but what matters most is the learning’s, the experienced, the friendship we build with all the staff and the memories that I will treasured for the rest of my life. Not all of us had given a chance to be part of that prestigious event. So, win or lost that moment will still marked an important part of the piece of my heart and soul. In every competition it is not just the Crown, the medals, or any awards that matters but it is for us how we accept things without any regrets, because we all know within ourselves that we did our best and accept the fact that in every competition from small to the biggest one there will always be a winner and there is always be a loser, Loser in the eyes of everyone but a winner for themselves.

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