Association football Essay

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Association football

Are the sports, American football and soccer the same? Do they have the same rules? Both these sports are among the most popular sports in the world. People generally think that they are not the same, when there are some similarities and differences between these two sports. Having my best friend play both sports I can tell you that they are very different in various ways, but also very alike. One of the noticeable similarities between the American football and soccer is both of them are considered outdoors sports. Both of the two sports are being played on a field in a rectangular shape of grass.

On the field, both teams rely on team play to move up the field and try to score on the opposing team. Both sports have a total of 22 players on the field, 11 on each team. In both sports the offensive players take most of the glory and the spotlight, but it’s known that without a good defense, it’s hard to win. Both sports have full contact and harmony between the players. It is essential for American football, and soccer to have good communication amongst their team players. The teams both have offensive players, defensive players, and one goalkeeper. Not only soccer, but also the American football has strategy to play.

The first striking difference between the two sports is the goal and scoring. The goal in soccer is on ground, while the goal in American football is in the air. In football, each time you score is called a “touchdown” that’s worth 6 points, whereas in soccer, you only receive 1 point, which is called a “gol. ” American football players must wear a helmet and body protectors, however, in soccer you are forbidden from wearing these. The second most striking difference between these two sports is the way to pass the ball. Soccer players must pass the ball by their legs, and passing by hand is not allowed for them, except the goalkeeper.

He can touch it with his hand only in one area. Unlike soccer players, American football players can pass the ball by hands or legs. The prevalent difference between American football and soccer is that, football is essentially played only in the United States, whereas, soccer is international. Soccer is especially popular in Europe, and tournaments that bring every team all over the world in one country for the World Cup. All in all, even though soccer and American football have differences, and similarities. These differences make these sports have their own unique name.

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