Assignment Web or Mobile System Paper Essay

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Assignment Web or Mobile System Paper

Mobile applications have become essential to every business seeking to remain relevant in the face of a world filled with people who are constantly on the move. The evolution of technology and the dynamic nature of telecommunication industry has made communication become a significant part of everyone’s life. IPhone is the most versatile communication gadgets that have been created lately. Smartphone’s have become popular these days, and they offer fun filled entertainment. iPhones have become successful and a marvel device which changed the mobile technology with multi-touch interface with powerful features a full-featured web browser, large screen, web browser, email, voice messaging, video calling, thrilling games, beautiful look, and instant messaging. The new wave of the future in the world of technology and businesses are reaping benefits out of their iPhone applications. IPhone apps are design to enhance the experience of the users, engage the customers and build the mobile brand. There are eight generations of iPhone models and can connect too many cellular networks and has WIFI.

You can play music, browse the web, shoot video, send and receive email, take photos, record notes, send texts, do mathematical calculations, GPS navigation, and receive visual voicemail. Audio conferencing, caller id, call merging, and call holding is allowed by iPhone. The media library can be sorted by artist, videos, genres, podcast, songs, albums, composers, and audiobooks. The large front on iPhone gives users room to touch their selection and to purchase and downloads songs from the iTunes store that goes directly to their iPhone. With the virtual keyboard on the touch screen and the option to predict what word is needed to be written or correction for any accidental pressing of the keys. There are corrections and spell checking, dynamic dictionary, predictive word capabilities. That learns new words.

There are features to support HTML email and gives users the option to embed photos in your email message. Mail messages can viewed on the phone in words, PowerPoint, pdf, and excel attachments. Some future changes will be the cheap onetime cost foe apps will be replaced by a subscription fee, or a recurring revenue based on usage. The customer expectation, business models and transformations have evolved with the application sophistication and customer experience grows. One of the most fun and innovative things to do is travel and now iPhone offer information about your current location with the touch of a button. The software is developed to know your travel preferences and tastes that is custom tailored to you

There are apps in development to prevent texting while driving and apps that can prevent any cell phone use while the vehicle is in motion. Texting while driving has become too dangerous and too many people are having and causing accidents. There have been many deaths and serious injuries cause by texting while driving and many feel the best way to eliminate it is to an app on phones that will not allow cell phone usage while vehicles are in motion. One of the most innovative businesses and one of the most fun things we do in life is travel. With the touch of a button, information about your tastes and preferences are up to date for you. Having that sudden information will benefit you no matter where you’re traveling.

IPhones have become important to its users and some could not function on a day-to-day basis without it and some would even feel lost without it. IPhones have given its customers instant access to everything from bills to banks to email to insurance policies and credit cards. The technology of iPhones have advance the way everyone from businesses to the common man or woman. The world of mobile phone technology started changing when iPhone managed to merge the power of smartphones with an attractive design, easy-to-understand and universal style that most people want from a phone. As technology advances and improves, iPhones will only improve and become more helpful. As they become more helpful, people will come to depend on them more. IPhones have been a great benefit, the distraction of all the features have become dangerous and put many at risk.

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