Assignment Organizational Behavior Essay

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Assignment Organizational Behavior

Situational Leadership provides a simple and logical framework with four basic decision-making styles – authoritative, consultative, facilitative, and delegative. Briefly describe these styles and describe when they are appropriate to use. Our textbook states that authoritative decision-making style, “applies in situations where the manager has the necessary experience and information to reach a conclusion and followers do not possess the ability, willingness, or confidence to help” (p. 295).

This would be appropriate when you are the only source of information or expertise. According to p. 296 of our textbook, consultative decision-making styles are a “valuable strategy when the manager recognizes that the followers also possess some experience or knowledge of the subject and are willing but not yet able to help”. This style is appropriate when there is more time to make a decision on important issues and requires input from people who can be directly impacted by those decisions. Facilitative decision-making, as stated on p. 96 of our textbook as well, “is a cooperative effort in which manager and followers work together to reach a shared decisions”.

This approach would be useful when dealing with an able, but not confident follower. Delegative decision making, covered on p. 297 of our textbook, is used “when follower high in readiness who have the experience and information needed to make the proper decision or recommendation”. This style is appropriate when “the manager can look forward to a high level of performance by saying, ‘You know this subject. Work on it and let me know what you come up with’” (p. 297).

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