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This course is designed to instil students’ awareness on social responsibility and care for society. From this assignment i have to identify five types of community service activities for each five category. It is orphanage, urban poor, orang asli, wellness and environment. I have made some research from the internet about this five category. Besides, I have to find the objective and important in community service. In this assignment, I also have to find out about corporate service responsibility. What is corporate service responsibility? I also have to find the different between corporate service responsibility and community service.

After done discuss about the community service and corporate service responsibility, I have to related the community service with mine students life. In that I have found the important about community service. Community service is a good subject that every student has to learn.

An orphanage is a place where children who do not have guardians who are capable of caring for them live.

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Some orphanages employed professionals like nurses, teachers, and other people involved in raising children in order to care for the children entirely within the orphanage. They give the children basic necessities like food and shelter and take care of education and other issues elsewhere. A child might be sent to an orphanage due to the death of the children’s parents, or the parents may be alive but unwilling or unable to care for the child. Most orphanages work to place children in more traditional family environments, as these are seen as more secure and desirable than living in an orphanage.

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Some orphanages are separated by gender, but many care for children of both genders. Normally, the orphanage building will include many aspects that might be found in a house. Rooms for the children sleep, a kitchen, and other related rooms are all likely to be found in an orphanage. If the orphanage also functions as a school, then a schoolroom is important as well. While orphanages have the care of children as their primary responsibility, getting those children adopted is also a major function of these institutions. Working to get children placed in homes not only gives the children a chance at a better life, but also frees up room in orphanages for other orphans. For this reason, it is important for orphanages to try to keep children healthy, happy, and well-socialized, because a child who exhibits these features is much more likely to be adopted than one who does not.

Picture 1.0: Sekreteriat Rakan Muda KUIS visited Rumah Penyayang Sg. Buaya, Banting.1

Urban poor refers to individuals or families in urban areas with incomes below the poverty line as defined by the National Statistical Coordinating Board(NSCB). They are the underprivileged or homeless sector of society like the unemployed, underemployed and the irregularly employed, or who are incapable of meeting the minimum basic needs, and who live in poor area, squatter and resettlement areas, sidewalks, dumpsites, road right-of-way, unoccupied government or private lands or along danger zones like railroad tracks, riverbanks, high tension wires, or other places in urban areas. The urban Poor are integral part of society and are partners in urbanization and industrialization. They help turn the cycle of economy because they are the factory workers, rank and file government and private employees, soldiers, lowly paid policemen drivers, vendors, house help and waiters. They are also the biggest market of industry. They are source of political power. It is because when they exercise their right to elect local provincial, regional and national officials.

Picture 2.0: Urban Poor situation in Malaysia.2

Orang Asli is the collective term for the 19 sub-groups of `first peoples’ in Peninsular Malaysia. Orang Asli are largely forest or agriculture based. On the contra, Orang Asli communities, especially in Southern Peninsular Malaysia, were well established before the reign of the Malay Sultans. Orang Laut groups even provided crucial military and economic support during the formation of the Johor and Malacca Sultanates. That the Orang Asli was part of the emerging Malay states can also be gleaned from the customary practices in some states. However, once politically autonomous and independent people are likeness of their ancestors. Much of this has to do with the fact that the Malaysian nation state does not recognize the Orang Asli as a separate people, that is as distinct groups associated with particular territorial bases and requiring `government’ on a different basis from that of the other communities.

Picture 3.0: some NGO organization visiting the Orang Asli village, Perak.3

The world health organization defines wellness as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. Wellness encompasses a number of these dimensions including physical, social, psychological, spiritual and informational. Wellness is about ensuring that each of these dimensions is in balance. It takes more than physical exercise to maintain good health. Balance is the key to leading a healthy lifestyle. Wellness is the dynamic process of becoming aware of, taking responsibility for and making choices that directly contribute to one’s well-being and that of the common good. It is the integration of body, mind and spirit and the on-going development of one’s own meaning in life. Wellness also knows as an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a more successful existence. The key words in these first sentences are process, aware, choice, and success. Process means that we never arrive at a point where there is no possibility of improving. Aware means that we are by our nature continuously seeking more information about how we can improve. Choice means that we have considered a variety of options and select those that seem to be in our best interest. Success is determined by each individual to be their personal 4collection of accomplishments for their life.

Picture 4.0: The milo Malaysia breakfast run 20141
The environment is gift of god precious to the welfare of life. Many people depend on the natural resources on this earth. Allah has create the universe and balanced for human prosperity. Extensive land turned into human dwellings, mountains as cookers earth, plants as a source of food and medicine to life, so has the variety of animal and plant life in the oceans. Unpolluted environment provides us with a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. In addition to providing comfort to the people, it is also to some extent be affected by the activities of national development if the environment in the country is maintained. Nowadays, many people are aware of the importance of nature to human. They have made such as recycling campaign with the slogan says “thinks first before the throw”. Besides, earth hours to reduce the global warming of the earth.

Picture 5.0: cutting newspaper from Cosmo, 26 December 2011, page 16. 5

CSR programmes and initiatives have clearly been on the rise and these seem to accord with increasing public expectation of such activities being undertaken by companies. This article attempts to outline the potential benefits and to underscore the importance of CSR in the globalised economy. What is CSR?

There are many different perceptions of what CSR encompasses and likewise, there have been many attempts to define this concept. The definitions attributed to CSR generally describe it as a concept where corporations voluntarily integrate social and environmental concerns in carrying out their business. Locally, from the perspective of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (“Bursa”), CSR is viewed as “…open and transparent business practices that are based on ethical values and respect for the community, employees, the environment, shareholders and other stakeholders… designed to deliver sustainable value to the society at large.” Thus, under the concept of CSR, it is anticipated that a corporation incorporates socially responsible behaviour in the conduct of their business operations, which goes beyond mere compliance with or fulfilment of applicable legal and regulatory requirements. This is done by placing a degree of emphasis on practices that take into account the interests of its “stakeholders”1. By implementing CSR practices, the corporation would balance the larger and general interest of its other stakeholders with the financial interest of its shareholders6.

Community service refers to service that a person performs for the benefit of his or her local community. It also knows as voluntary work that is done for free in order to help people or give back to the community. It is also unpaid work that an offender is required to do instead of going to prison so in this case it is involuntary. It also a group within a municipality or government. The community has closer relations with each other than with the rest of the surrounding inhabitants.

Corporate social responsibility is a management concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and interactions with their stakeholders. Corporate service responsibility is generally understood and interactions with their stakeholders. Generally it understand as being the way through which a company achieves a balance of economic, environmental and social imperatives, while at the same time addressing the expectations of shareholders. In this sense it is important to draw a distinction between Corporate Service Responsibility, which can be a strategic business management concept and charity, sponsorships. Even though the latter can also make a valuable contribution to poverty reduction, will directly enhances the reputation of a company and strengthen its brand, the concepts of Corporate Service Responsibility clearly goes beyond that.

WHAT IS DIFFERENT BETWEEN COMMUNITY SERVICE AND CORPORATE SERVICE RESPONSIBILITY? Difference between community service and corporate service is in the community. Community service mostly from among student who become a volunteer to a program. While corporate service responsibility is to provide sponsorship or assistance through the company money to develop their companies. For example, give sponsorship to student who wishes to continue their studies abroad while promoting their company. Community service most them from clubs in the university or have create event for subject community service.

EXPLAIN AND ELABORATE HOW DO YOU RELATES COMMUNITY SERVICE WITH YOUTH? I serve the local community for teaching me about life retires. How we help others in distress. Other than that we can tasted the fate of the others are more difficult than ours. Examples such as orphans, they do not have parents but to continue their lives with courage. For me it was a lot of trouble to teach retires life. Remembrance of his deep distress that is what we are about feelings to appreciate. Community service also teaches us to become a chairman who triumphed. How do we go through all the allegations before succeeding achieve greatness. In addition, adolescent or student be encouraged to follow his deep community service by young and they are stronger than the old ones. Community service may also foster a spirit of mutual help among adolescents over his deep doubts about the people who are more difficult.

In conclusion, what I have learnt is about what is community service and corporate service responsibility. What is different between community service and corporate service? Besides, I learn about awareness on social responsibility and care for society. Each person in this earth has their own responsibility to the society. We can define what type that we should alert to help the society. As we know they have five categories that we have learnt. First orphanage, urban poor, orang asli, wellness, and environment.
In addition, we can learn more about community service.


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