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Considering customer satisfaction as it applies to a university setting, what are some other areas in addition to those identified for the project that may contribute to students’ satisfaction/dissatisfaction with their education experience? The customer satisfaction survey seems to focus on academic resources only. It’s focusing on the classes, the advisors, the curriculum, and isn’t asking the students how they felt towards the school as a whole.

After discussing all of the academic services and programs, they may also want to see if the students are satisfied with the environment and facilities beyond the library or computer lab. The survey should also include an area for the students to make suggestions on what would make them happier while attending this school. This would give the School of Business some suggestions on what changes could be made to make the school better. Does the current questionnaire provide information on students’ overall satisfaction with their undergraduate degree program?

Explain. What revisions are necessary to this questionnaire to obtain an overall satisfaction rating? The questionnaire focuses on both undergraduate and graduate programs, but it seems to put more emphasis on graduate students. The questionnaire did provide a lot of information regarding how they felt about their classes and advisors, but it seems to be based on students who have already been attending the school for some time and have had experience with undergraduate advisors and curriculum.

The questionnaire should be administered yearly in order to get a better idea of the overall satisfaction rating. They should also offer more open ended questions so that the students can provide feedback instead of just multiple questions. Can the School of Business use the results of this study to target the most important areas for improvement? Explain. Identify changes to the questionnaire that would allow the school to target areas based on importance. The School of Business can definitely use the results of this study to target the most important areas for improvement.

As the results show there are several areas that the school could use improvement in. By determining what is most important will allow them to administer specific surveys or questionnaires regarding a certain issue such as the lack of advisors or not being able to register for classes. Changes they could make to the current questionnaire would be to add a space to provide your own suggestions on how to make things better. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using open-ended questions to identify the school’s strengths and weaknesses?

Taking the responses in Exhibit 2, what system would you use for coding these responses? There are several advantages to using open-ended questions. Open-ended questions allow the students to share their feelings and the school will have a better idea of what they feel about certain subjects. The disadvantages of having open-ended questions are a lower response rate and it’s harder to compare their answers. It can also take much more time to go over questionnaires that offer open-ended questions instead of just close-ended ones.

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