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Assessments Package

The paper is based upon the self assessment online training. Throughout I will explain what changes the exercise has done to the view I had prior and the view I have after. Although in I think that becoming a case manager is a hard job and requires specific personality traits. I will write about the position of a case manager and what roles and duties the job requires. I will discuss the viewpoints on ethical principles, professional responsibilities, how my viewpoints had changed after the online training, and the self-awareness I have gained that could prepare myself for a case management role.

View Changes on Ethical Principles The ethical obligations of the privacy for consumers and his or her protection of their health information are to be upheld at all times. The ethical principles within health care organizations are based upon the accountability of professionalism. However, the protection differs from the type of organization for example, state programs require state laws to be accommodated and followed. The programs in which state covers is alcohol and drug abuse programs, Medicare, and other accreditation programs that are applicable to federal laws.

Therefore, the ethical principles in my opinion are held high as the guidelines are to be followed by all organizations in order to function properly and to provide the proper care to the clients. Privacy is extremely important as no person would want his or her medical conditions and concerns placed into public hands. View Changes on Professional Responsibilities The workforce training required for upholding privacy and security of health information proved to me that it is seldom to be professional in this type of work field.

The awareness or degree of the security and privacy for patient’s health information varies from how to use or share health information, parameters, job position influences, the leadership interpretation, and implementing costs. The professionalism of the HIPPA security and privacy requires the formal education and proper training to ensure that the person entering this type of workforce can have ongoing accountability for the security and privacy to protect health information.

The standards for HIPPA’s security and privacy rules address specific training requirements so professionalism responsibility is an absolute after receiving proper training. The requirements for the high-level training are crucial because of the cost and ongoing requirements and responsibilities of the workers. The professional responsibilities of the job demands ongoing training in which the workers are constantly up-to-date with documentations and responsibilities required by each person.

The viewpoints of professional responsibilities after completing the online assessment has changed based upon the amount of responsibility the workers must obtain. The responsibility to make sure no health information is leaked through the system (documents, computers, corrupt employees) is extremely important, therefore the information shared among people is to be protected. Although I believe that health care information is not an item in which thieves’ want to possess.

Health care information is in my opinion pointless to steal, as people really should not care who has certain medical conditions wrong with them. The workers job to me seems like a security job with the use of a computer in regard to health records, I often picture a security guard standing in front of a medical filling room. Self-Awareness Becoming self-aware of the case management role prepares me to comprehend the responsibilities, duties, and importance of health care information.

The case management role is an important role as the information obtained by the case worker is personal should be guarded or protected, and secured. I am aware of the responsibility the case managers has daily and what his or her job title requires. However, I do not have plans or goals to become a case manager or to have that type of role in a job. I like helping people, whereas, I do not like to sit still and stare at a computers or paper work as a career.

In the end, I have obtained information in which case manager’s jobs require extreme security, privacy, and professionalism. The case management role is only for certain people who can handle that type of job. Becoming a case manager is not a random choice a person picks for a career. For me, it is nice to obtain information in regard to the role of a case manager and realized how important case manager’s jobs are and what his or her daily duties require.

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