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Urban regeneration assessment

Looking at the politics behind the drive for urban regeneration is about communities, integrating the social and private sectors to create mixed, sustainable communities, with housing, retail and commercial development which are the key to the regeneration process. In order to bring private and commercial participation, the government has set aside an annual sum of… View Article

Two Examples of Environmental Impact Assessments

The cities of Baku, Azerbaijan and Kingston, Ontario Canada are worlds apart, both geographically and culturally. They share at least one characteristic: the need for water. Like every other city on earth, they have built systems to accommodate their needs for water, electricity, and all the other necessities of modern life. Each city also has… View Article

Curriculum Assessments – Paper Two

Curriculum assessments have a variety of purposes depending upon the aim. Overall they have been positive experiences for me throughout my education in their attempt to construct an anonymous forum for feedback in the name of improving the curriculum. They can also prove to be troublesome for particular types of professors and for students who… View Article