Assessment Strategies Essay

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Assessment Strategies

There are two types of Assessment strategies:

1.)Formative Assessment
2.)Summative Assessment

Formative Assessment is carried out at regular intervals in every teaching session so that you can monitor progress, and check that the learners are on target and are achieving the intended learning outcomes and make changes if necessary. Summative Assessment takes place at the end of a session or course and is used to assess the learning outcomes are achieved and if there were any difficulties or problems.

A lesson plan prepares a lot of importance and benefits both the teacher and the learner, as a teacher it keeps you on track to accomplish the aims and objectives in a logical order. A good teacher communicates their passion for the subject they are delivering to their learners in an interesting, clear and concise manner. Not all students learn in a conventional way and as a teacher you may have to adapt as necessary to ensure learning outcomes are met.

This will include different styles of teaching to engage the learner and finding the most effective way of getting the subject across to the class e.g. student participation, class activities, role playing, modelling and questioning. This will continue to motivate, engage, stimulate and promote participation in the class.

The assessment stage of teaching is away of making sure as a teacher that the learner has gained the required skills and knowledge needed for them to gain the relevant qualification. Methods of assessment include written exam questions, observation, group questioning and witness testimonies.

Evaluation is an essential part of their teaching cycle and is a process that ensured continious improvement in your teaching. You can achieve this by carrying out regular reviews, listening to feedback and evaluations from the learners, employers and training providers by completing the questionnaires, discussions, suggestion boxes and self-assessment audits.

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