Assessment Questionnaire and Summary Essay

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Assessment Questionnaire and Summary

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You have been assigned the task of creating an assessment to measure the competency of caseworkers who are being considered for a position in your family counseling practice.

Resource: University of Phoenix Material: Questionnaire form located on the student website.

Complete the Questionnaire form by creating 10 questions, which you believe will determine the competencies of these caseworkers.
Questions should address the following:

· Question(s) concerning the caseworker’s method for handling ethical issues.

· Questions(s) concerning the caseworker’s plan for staying current in their area of expertise and for receiving continuing education.

· Question(s) concerning the caseworker’s procedure for maintaining accurate and complete client records.

· A specific question or scenario that requires the caseworker to determine whether to abide by “duty to warn” or “duty to protect”.

Complete the questionnaire as if you were applying for the position.

Write a 350-to 500-word summary for your superior explaining why this person should be considered for the position in your family counseling practice.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Post the questionnaire and the summary as two separate documents to your assignment forum.
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