Assessment Plan for Unit Cu697 Handle Mail Criteria 4.1 – 5.2 Essay

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Assessment Plan for Unit Cu697 Handle Mail Criteria 4.1 – 5.2

4.1 At Proactive Personnel we always use Royal Mail to send out our mail our packages. The options we use to send out our outgoing mail are 1st class, 2nd class and special delivery. The way we are able to tell what mail needs to go 1st, 2nd or special delivery is by our employees placing the mail in the specific trays to which they need, where as special delivery is known by ‘rec’ been wrote on the mail. 4.2 The way our postage prices are worked out is by using the Royal Mail franking machine. We choose the option that we require for the mail, then we weigh the mail/package on the scale on the franking machine to which we are then given a price. Once this is done we simply place the mail under and the machine stamps the mail. If the mail is too big there are special stickers used which get stamped and stuck on the package. 4.3 At Proactive Personnel we do not require the use of a courier service. If we ever did need to use one there are numerous companies ranging from DHL to Fedex that we could use. If we had a large parcel that needed to be delivered we would pay for the company to come collect it and then deliver it to the destination. The cost involves the labour done by the driver, the fuel and the safety of the package. 4.4 This is covered in 4.1

4.5 This is covered in 4.2
4.6 When franking the post and handling the mail we do not record the post, however we do occasionally have to top up the franking machine. This is done by an internet connection set up to the bank account. Once the machine is topped up we make a receipt using the franking machine these are then stored, to which we can see how much was used in a period of time and compare them. 4.7 The post here at Proactive Personnel is sent and received daily the quantities vary. We usually send out the post nearer the end of the day depending on how much there is to stamp it can vary from one hour before to 15 minutes before the end of the day. Wednesday we usually send the payslips out, so there is a large quantity which usually takes a while. 5.1/5.2 During the process of the all above numerous problems can happen. The problems can be the franking machine running out of ink, a letter that has been left behind, post being stamped the wrong price.

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