Assessment Case Study Essay

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Assessment Case Study

Completing an early assessment is very important especially for example if someone was reaching the end of their life. If they wish to identify and establish their preferences, and choices, and identify areas that their needs are not being met.

Another area were early assessment is important is, in the case of dementia. This allows the person to gain information on how the condition may affect them. Access information about treatments that are available, and what support they can access. Put plans into place, with their wishes for the future. Early assessment is vital for the best outcome for the individual.  Early assessment of a child’s needs and early intervention is vital, if any form of abuse or neglect is suspected.

Within our service early assessment, can be very important if say the service users was in danger of losing their tenancy, by eviction.

As part of my assessment I will identify other areas that may need to be addressed. Such as they may need an assessment of their current housing, due to their physical needs or I have identified in the past that a person needs more than just support they needed help with personal care and then not suitable for our services.

If this was the case I would refer their case back to the referrer, I would speak to them and explain my findings and make suggestion of who they should possibly make a referral to. I would also contact the central assess point and update them of my findings. Also service user’s needs may change and when this is identified by a support worker. I will then advise the support worker to make referrals to others services as appropriate. It could be that someone mental health needs have changed, so initially support them back to their GP, for him to assess their mental health. Or if more severe decline it maybe that we refer to access and crisis for more professional help.

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