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Asp Organizations That Offer Emr

ASP is becoming the mainstream technology for providing EMR services to private clinics and hospitals. As describe by bradley (2013) “An Application Service Provider (ASP) is a business that offers software services to customers, using computer networks and the Internet as the mechanism to deliver and manage the service. ” he further explained that the goal of ASP technology is to reduce cost to the businesses in term of acquisition and maintenance. ASP organizations that offer EMR: Almost all the EMR vendors provide EMR as a product and as an ASP.

Following are a short list of organizations which provide EMR via ASP 1. Organization: HealthFusion EMR System:ASP: MediTouch EHR® WebSite: http://www. healthfusion. com/ehr-platform. asp 2. Organization:waiting room solutions EMR System: waiting room solutions WebSite: http://www. waitingroomsolutions. com/ 3. Organization: ios Health Systems EMR System:Medios EHR: Electronic Health Records WebSite: http://www. ioshealthsystems. com/electronic-health-records/ 4. Organization: VItera HealthCare solution EMR System:VItera Intergy WebSite: www. viterahealthcare. com/solutions/intergy 5.

Organization:Benchmark Systems EMR System:Benchmark Systems EHR WebSite: http://www.

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benchmark-systems. com/ 6. Organization:eClinicalWorks EMR System:eClinicalWorks WebSite:http://www. eclinicalworks. com/ 7. Organization:Bizmatics EMR System:PrognoCIS WebSite: http://www. bizmaticsinc. com/ 8. Organization:Allscripts EMR System:Allscripts EHR WebSite: http://www. allscripts. com/en/solutions/ambulatory-solutions/ehr. html 9. Organization: WebPT EMR System:WebPT EMR WebSite: http://www. webpt. com/ 10. Organization:ReLiMed Solutions EMR System:ReLiMed EMR WebSite:http://relimedsolutions. om/ 11. Organization:Office Practicum EMR System:OP Cloud WebSite:http://www. officepracticum. com/cloud. php Three EMR 1: eClinicalWorks EClinical: eClinicalWorks Web-based technology promise to provide fast and secure access from anywhere.

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It is widely used throughout the world and US by more than 70,000 physicians. eClinical use secure XML and HTTPs-based communication. eClincal Provide EMR, Practice management, Patient Portal, Interoperability between systems in the community or across the country. EClincal provide pricing information on their web site ranging from 449 to 99 per month. eClincal is CCHIT certified and qualify for meaningful use. 2: Allscripts. Allscripts Provide Allscripts EHR. Allscripts EHR is hosted in the cloud as a web-based service. Allscripts provide services in Ambulatory Care, Acute Care, Post-Acute Care. Allscript is CCHIT certified and qualify for meaningful use. 3: HealthFusion Provide MediTouch EHR is a web-based EHR. Its offer a touchscreen user interface. The company claim that it is the first all-in-one, Web-based, touch screen Electronic Health Record, and their touch screen interface make it very easy-to-use.

The EHR offers functionality for charting, problem lists, medication management, electronic prescribing, allergy checks, order management, lab tests and document management. Meditouch is CCHIT certified and qualify for meaningful use. Criteria to compare: Before to developed criteria to compare the EMRs, It is advisable to define the objectives and goals for the EMR. As detailed by wager (2010) the EMR systems should enable use evidence-based standards to provide care to patient, monitoring the quality and costs, enable to clinicians to access to patient information in a timely and efficient manner, and improve efficiency and effectiveness. Wager). Once the a specific EMR qualify for the above goals following criteria can used to decide about the acquisition of system. 1: Cost of acquisition: To implement the complete EMR system is an expensive proposition for any private clinic or hospitals. Besides the actual product, the EMR needs a multitude of hardware to properly use all the functionality of EMR. Which include server, workstation and back up system. Generally the ASP models have low initial cost and the vendor take the responsibility for hosting the server and maintain a backup system. : Reviews from other users: The acquisition of EMR is a lengthy process. It is very critical to evaluate the candidate EMR extensively. Review from the actual user will provide more accurate informations about the usability of the product. 3: Functionalities. Vaccine Tracking, Tracking and managment of Chronic Disease, Scanning, Labs connection to LabCorp, QuestLab) 4: Technical support 5: Remote Access 6: HIPPA compliant 7: CCHIT Certified 8: E-prescribing Differ in terms of service, Support, Financing. Reference

Mitchell, Bradley. “ASP – Application Service Provider. ” Networking – Computer and Wireless Networking Basics – Home Networks Tutorials. N. p. , n. d. Web. 8 Feb. 2013. <http://compnetworking. about. com/od/internetaccessproviders/g/providers_asp. htm>. “Web-Based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software | Reviews of the Best Systems. ” Software Advice: The Authority on Software Selection. N. p. , n. d. Web. 8 Feb. 2013. <http://www. softwareadvice. com/medical/web-based-emr-software-comparison/>.

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