Asics gathers each customer information

Enhanced store experience: Asics gathers each customer’ information when customers sign up its website. Based on personal information as foot shape, style preference customers submitted, they can have personalized in-store service such as try new product that would fit to customers’ body or foot shape (“About Asics”).

Easy access customer loyalty program for special benefits: Their customer loyalty program is called, OneASICS. Once customers sign up for the program through online for free, they can receive special benefits. As an example, 90 days of free trial service of apparel and shoes are opened to OneASICS.

While customers try this service, they can return the products in any conditions. Moreover, 90-day trial of the Runkeeper Go app, which is training app is available for customers. As well as, loyalty program members can take an advantage of express shipping which delivers products to customers within 1-2 business days (“About Asics”).

 Asics loyalty program

Effective research and development activities for functional products: There are five activities in ASICS Institute of Sport Science (ISS) research process: Human attribute research, materials research, structural design research, analytical evaluation method research, and production technology research.

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They keep developing their products by conducting research with companies, universities, and conferences around the world. Through their research process, they analyze human’ body, materials, technology and design for producing the best product for their consumers that fit consumer’ body, as well as various service systems such as 3D Foot Scan and MY ASICS (“About Asics”).

Distribution in diverse geographic: Asics’ products are distributed in diverse countries, and their net sales of 2017 are accounted in : America (26.

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6%), Europe (26.6%), East Asia (12.3%), Oceania/South East and South Asia (6.9%), others (2.2%). Since Asics’ products are distributed in diverse countries, it protects revenue stream in the world and reduces the business risk (MarketLine).


Effective marketing campaign: It builds familiarity with the brand and increases the sales rates. “Livestrong” campaign in 2012, resulted in sales rates to increase by 42% (Welovead).

High impacts from footwear sector: Nikes total revenue in 2018 was $36,397 million, 61% of the revenue was from footwear, 29% of revenue came from apparel, 4% from equipment. This information indicates that Nike footwear has high impacts on its total revenue (2018 Annual Report and Notice of Annual Meeting). Strong mobile and online presence: SNKRS app & Nike+ which allows seamless interaction between online and physical stores for perks (Alvarez).

Technological innovation has been a major marketing element for the past decade. Backtrack to 2008, Nike introduced the world to a new cushioning system called “Lunarlon foam” that made its way into a multitude of shoe models. Flywire technology was also introduced that year, used as support in most of its training sneakers. In 2012, Nike introduced Flyknit construction on their sneakers, this allowed for extreme durability and breathability for the athlete. Since 2018, Nike has released new technology such as “React” and have added to their Air Max line with new models that housed more “Nike Air” technology such as the Air Max 270 and recently debuted in 2019, Air Max 720 (Nike News).

Strong global presence built through various operating segments: Nike’ swoosh logo is instantly recognizable anywhere in the world including North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Greater China, Asia Pacific, and Latin America by its growth of the number of retail stores worldwide – 1,182 retail stores operating in 2018 (Statista). Fig.15.Total number of Nike retail stores worldwide from 2009 to 2018 from StatistaWeaknesses

Limited diverse range of sports products: Nike performs limited product lines in equipment and accessories in compare to the competitors. High price of products: The overall prices of products are higher than its competitor which reaches customers as a premium brand; yet it decreases the customers’ purchase.

Quality inconsistency: Since footwear production is outsourced – 124 footwear factories in 13 countries including China, South America and Vietnam (2018 Annual Report and Notice of Annual Meeting). This can lead to inconsistent qualities as Nike is unable to oversee every single factories quality protocols. Recent mishap with Zion Williamson and destroying nike shoes completely mid basketball game(Campigotto)

Excess inventory problems by failing consumer demand forecasting: When Nike orders excess products from manufacturers, they hold in inventory and resell to customers. However, their excess inventory effects on their cash flow and financial condition when they cannot properly predict consumer demand. As well as the failure of consumer demand forecasting could result in lower net revenues and net income (2018 Annual Report and Notice of Annual Meeting).

Heavy dependency on information technology system: Nike’ product design, production, forecasting, ordering, manufacturing, transportation, sales, distribution, and financial information, as well as other internal and external business activities,  are processed by “Information Technology System”. Since their heavy dependence of “Information Technology System” keeps expanding, it could affect occurring various risks such as security breaches, viruses, malware or vendor business interruptions. Moreover, these risks result in decreased revenue and damage Nike’ reputation (2018 Annual Report and Notice of Annual Meeting).


Sponsor more well known international celebrities, sports athletes, international designers because of its global name. To build on a bigger international community since Nike has such a well known global presence. To be the leader in sustainable and and human rights in manufacturing since it’s one of the most well known brands in the world. If they do this first others will follow suit and this will lead to a positive impact. Further grow it’s R&D as they have access to the worldwide stage which means more like minded individuals from all over the world can contribute to their already well known name

Acquisition of other brands in order to help grow the brand even faster.


Growth of competitors: Under Armour has been cutting into Nike’s market share by attracting females with strong female spokesmodels (Chin).

General economic factors such as fluctuations in inflation and currency exchange rates: Since Nike distributes and manufactures its products worldwide, the general economic factors impact hugely such as increasing the risk to exposure to the volatility of global economic conditions through conducting purchases and sale transactions in various currencies (2018 Annual Report and Notice of Annual Meeting).

Changes of US laws and regulation: The U.S’ governing in foreign trade, manufacturing, development and investment in the territories or countries impact Nike’ sales and operation when changes occur in those factors. As well as, negative relationship with the U.S affects Nike’ business. In order to Nike complies the changes in policies and regulations, it takes time-consuming and expensive charges (2018 Annual Report and Notice of Annual Meeting).

Price sensitive consumers: As the retail sector has become extremely price competitive, this is seen as a serious external threat to Nike for their price sensitive consumers. With Nike footwear being offered at brick and mortar stores such as FootLocker, Champs, Sportchek, and sneaker boutiques, price sensitive consumers can easily shop around (even within each retailer,) for either cheaper alternatives or better prices offered at other retailers. With ecommerce becoming a threat to brick and mortar store sales in and of itself, price sensitive consumers can also shop around for better deals at the touch of a finger.

Data security and privacy risks: Since hackers and data thieves keep expanding their operation, Nike’s information such as business information, personal information of customers could be at risk. The results of this problem could be a loss of confidential business, financial data and misuse of consumer information which lead to having unwanted media attention, harmed the brand reputation and sales/consumer lost (2018 Annual Report and Notice of Annual Meeting).

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