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Asian Dishes

Categories: Asia

Greetings, my fellow visitors, today, I would like to recommend a few local dishes which you might want to indulge yourself while you are here. Firstly, I would like to recommend you an intercontinental dish known as Chilli Crab. Chilli Crab, also known as Singapore’s unofficial “national dish” is cooked in various ways. The most common style is done with chilli and sweet-sour sauce ribboned with beaten egg. My favourite way and probably the most common, is to eat it with French bread or Chinese buns called Mantou to help you soak every last drop of delicious sauce.

I strongly recommend all of you to try this dish as it is by far the best seafood dish in Singapore. Secondly, I would like to recommend to you the famous Chinese dish Fried Hokkien Mee. You can easily imagine, from this description, how good this dish tastes! Egg noodles and rice vermicelli otherwise known locally as bee hoon, stir-fried with pork, prawn, squid, bean sprouts and loads of garlic, and then braised in a rich pork and prawn stock.

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The dish is served steaming hot and garnished with fresh lime and a dollop of spicy chilli sambal. Alive with the pungencies of both China and Southeast Asia, Fried Hokkien Mee is one of the favourite Singapore dishes. Now, I would like to recommend a unique dish eaten by all races. This dish is none other than… Mee Rebus Translated into English, this dish means simply ‘boiled noodles’ — but the dish is anything but simple.

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It is yellow egg noodles in thick, spicy, slightly sweet gravy, garnished with boiled eggs, sliced green chilies, fried cubes of beancurd, and fresh lime. Some people add a dash of dark soy sauce as a finishing touch. Just like our multiracial society, Mee rebus is a fine example of a fusion cuisine. The egg noodles, beancurd and dark soy sauce are Chinese touches, while the gravy speaks of combined influences from Indian and Malay cuisine, with its curry-like flavour and use of dried shrimp and tamarind.

Last but not least, I would like to recommend the traditional Indian dish Roti Prata A dough-based flat pancake that is cooked by heating over a flat grill plate. Roti prata is commonly served with either vegetable or fish curries, but it is not unusual to see it being eaten plain with white large-grain sugar. Prata-making has been refined to such an art that if you’re lucky, you’ll sometimes see cooks get theatrical with the flipping and turning of the prata as it’s being cooked over the plate.

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