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Ashok Rajguru

From the first session based on the case “Ashok RaJguru”, I learned that to help a person, it is better to guide him to find a solution to his problems by himself. On the other hand, Ashok helped me in analysing my life by better understanding the mix of value of studies as well as personal relationships in life.

Here I learnt that it is important to understand the value of your dreams at each stage and to keep evaluating it after some time, so that you don’t have to regret later.

For the second case, I could not relate to a lot of things from my past experiences, but I got to know the kind of problems faced by employees in organisations. Here I learned from the experiences of my colleagues, who had faced similar situations at their workplace.

I also learned that it is important o let misunderstandings not get created and if they do, then we should sort them out at the earliest.

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In the third and the fourth session, we analysed our personalities by filling in a questionnaire. With this instrument, I was able to understand the ego states that I follow. It has helped me in understanding various transactions that have taken place afterwards and I have been able to relate to them. From the reading I learned Managerial styles which will help me I my future

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