Ashford Exp 105 Week 4 Assignment Essay

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Ashford Exp 105 Week 4 Assignment

At some point in our lives we all ask the same generalized questions; whether it be out loud, or mentally. As a returning student one of the common topics is the brain. How do the different parts work? How do we learn? Why do I learn differently than you? I have yet to find all of the answers, but thankfully, Gardner has broken down the seven intelligences within the brain that can stimulate and support different ways we, as humans, accept and retain the knowledge we come into contact with daily.

It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon and you meet with your sibling for lunch; they seem a bit disturbed, but are reluctant to speak on their troubles. Naturally, you begin to decipher their feelings and their actions to uncover the truth with your goal being to make them feel better. All the while, you are using the sector of your brain with is your interpersonal intelligence. Let’s switch the scenario slightly. You are having trouble in your marriage and you cannot quite figure out where the problems originated. You start looking within yourself and figuring out your own feelings and what you want out of life. It is you intrapersonal intelligence that is enabling this soul search.

To be inspired by sound patterns, tempo, and beat is the musical intelligence flowing over every note. You hear a melody on a piano which you think would be amazing if accompanied by a violin. Though if you are more visual you may prefer the ideas of puzzle pieces, physically or mentally, all connecting in their proper shape, size and color. If so, you may be bringing to light your spatial intelligence. A select few are able to tap into their bodily-kinesthetic intelligence and rather than moving the puzzle pieces on the table with their hands, they can move them with their mind. Wouldn’t this be the greatest gift for people with a lot of hard to open jars?

Finally, we come upon the final two areas that Gardner has shown special emphasis, both of which I feel are most closely related to my own habits. I enjoy finding the pattern in all things logical and analytical. I crave the ability to always find the answer. I obviously ring the doorbell of my logical-mathematical intelligence on a regular basis. I am not a fan of “gray areas”. I am an incessant list maker. I make my first list which is a bit sloppy, I then revise my list, for example if I am going to the grocery store, by aisles. Once I have that in order I now match my coupons to the aisle sequence of my list.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have the linguistic intelligence. This is by far my favorite, which Is why I saved it for last. The mastery of language. I would hope that showing my playfulness and sheer enjoyment in writing this assignment, that I have demonstrated for you what it means to manipulate the written word and express passion no matter the topic. I believe that if you can find the sunshine behind the phraseology, then you are more likely to remember it and smile.

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