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ASEAN Community

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ASEAN, “One vision, one identity, one community” As ASEAN member, I am aware of ASEAN history. It started on August 8, 1967 with 5 countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, but it turned into 10 after years of success: Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Since then, these 10 countries have been cooperating and collaborating for the benefits of the people and their country. Have you ever thought how important ASEAN is? In 2015, ASEAN COMMUNITY will be launched and I may say that it gives a productive impact on culture, education and tourism of each country member.

For example, in Thailand, ASEAN brings cultural diversity. Many nationalities are now staying in Thailand for vacation, business or job, entertainment, education, trade or industry. The good thing is despite the differences, we still live in peace and harmony. Likewise, Thailand has become more open to embrace learning about culture and language of other countries.

ASEAN has a good effect on education.

By means of cooperation, students and teachers will develop their skills and they have a chance to further their studies abroad. In school, students will know more about these 10 countries. Language especially English will be widely spoken by the people in ASEAN Community. We will become more globally competitive.

ASEAN has a good impact on tourism. People from the southeast Asia have opportunities to travel without hassle. AFTA or Asia Free Trade Area is another good thing to promote tourism. As a result, members of ASEAN will probably enjoy shopping and travelling from one country to another and this leads to a good relationship.

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Finally, I am proud to be a member of ASEAN. At school I am being built up in my ability on English to be a better and more successful Thai citizen. I thank my teachers for they have done a lot and are still doing much in helping develop my abilities to be a better user of English. May it be a challenge for all students to be serious in learning the English language to become globally competitive.

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