As We Acquire More Knowledge

As we tend to know more about something we tend to take things to another level. This might be challenging for some and for some it might be the thing they were looking for.

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I consent to an extent that as we acquire more knowledge, things do not end up being more comprehensible, but more complicated and strange. However, it extremely depends from individual to individual, the type of knowledge we get and lastly the method which we acquire that knowledge.

Going the additional mile for some may be tough and for some it may be their start of interest. It depends upon the type of individual you are, whether you are someone who likes difficulties or whether you are somebody who hesitates to go an additional action into checking out more and more understanding. For many people getting more understanding may be mystical because in the end of the day you are putting your shoes in a various zone. This zone may be a zone where you are not comfortable in or a zone where you have actually not been in there before.

For example, studying about a different aspect that you might have heard of however have not yet gone deep into. Knowledge for some may begin to get intricate but this is due to the fact that you end up in a zone you were not in before. However, for some they would not see this as an obstacle or complex, however more of the fun they were looking for.

Second of all, this depends on the type of knowledge you attempt and obtain. Some understanding might require more effort to be put into it and some may require less. For example, if we were to obtain understanding about something we have been obtaining for a long time, then our sources for this kind of knowledge would be easily gathered. However, if the knowledge we attempt and obtain is brand-new, then it is most likely that we will find difficulties in finding more info or gathering about it. It also depends on what the knowledge has to do with. For some, getting a specific type of knowledge is a simple job to get a hold of and this might be because the person has experience in this field.

Last but not least, it extremely depends on how we acquire info or the process of acquiring knowledge. How we get knowledge depends on numerous factors such as: understanding a trusted source to get information from, the method this understanding is been provided and how analyze it. Having a trustworthy source to acquire understanding might be the start of how we can overcome complexity.

This is because our source leads us to many materials that we can use to secure more knowledge. The way we are given this source or taught this knowledge also plays a big roll in complexity. For example, if we were taught bad habits in gathering knowledge or the way this knowledge is been taught to us to be dull then we will struggle with acquiring more knowledge. It also depends on how we interpret this knowledge. If we interpret this knowledge with a lot of excitement and concern then it is most likely that we are not going to find problems along the way.

In conclusion, as we acquire more knowledge, things do not become more comprehensible, but more complex and mysterious to some extent. This is because this it depends on the type of person you are, the form of knowledge you are obtaining and lastly the process of gathering knowledge.

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As We Acquire More Knowledge
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