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As the influence of modern life style highly adapted by the people

As the influence of modern life style highly adapted by the people of the village, they started to forget about some of the most important value of their culture which builds up the friendships of the people within the community, where they usually pass on from one generation to the next. Although they enjoyed the modern lifestyle but they facing many problems, when they apply to the way of living in the village which mainly practices according to the cultural way of living that they usually do within their homes.

Like drinking of alcohols, is one of the most thing that sometimes grated problems which lead to the conflict within the people of communities, as in common for the young people nowadays when it come to the time of taken alcoholic. Probably there will be disobedience of the village rules for the betterment of the community by those who drink alcohols. Which is one of the most elements, which create problems for the life of the people who live in the village, because those drinkers are taken too much of it from that alcohol drinking.

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By this alcoholic movement, people event do not make a good decision from whatever things they do, and they do not conscious of it, from whatever things they are doing. Sometimes they event doesn’t care about the leaders of their community, so they lost the respectable ways where needed for the community. In connection, For those who are mix marriage, even confuse on the culture that they belongs, because they have two culture which is need to be consider the real life of traditional way of living that they fit in to be applied for the living.

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But somehow, from the other hand they also have the hatred between the two customs; they have totally different form from each other’s, in the way were people behave and act.

And also from that, they usually facing some problems with their language, from speaking it, some are started not to speak in their own mother tang were they belongs. Like in the first time, when they in the perfect world, as they did not have an inner contact with outside peoples, and the modern way of living. Which there main focus is just best on one language only, were they inherited from their people which as their biological language. And when they influence of those changes happening, so they lost control and what happen problems arise within the people in the community.

So the effect of the modern lifestyle and inner connections change some of the traditional way, and also sometimes destroyed togetherness of the cultural ways, that they usually practicing in their community for the betterment of the people as one. And losing the value of human dignity which they have, like some families for showing respect for their own parent and the people in the community that they usually practicing. Especially per respect to each other people’s properties which is normally practice according to their cultural way. Somehow when they in to this new lifestyle they lost the cultural way of respect that they have. Nothing respects their parent, elders and event chief, the most important man that they respect us the leader of the whole entire people in village.

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