As the best form of American Democracy Essay

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As the best form of American Democracy

The world of media is known to be the most important branch of the society which has the ability to influence different types of people due to the immediate access of technologies present in the current world. Individuals have different view points and priorities in which they believe that must be well represented to show the people that such topic must be addressed and given the proper acknowledgement. More and more people are able to show their view points through the use of the television, internet and the likes.

There are individuals who only blog and write different articles but their impact has immense to the view points of individuals who are concern are also the same. In the past the media had created its own type of criteria of what not and what should not be. As we, the views see the former and veteran news anchors we often reflect that they are mostly stiff and very limited in the manner of their reporting. In the news broadcasting we often see veteran news anchors that have gained a lot of awards and confidence due to the credibility and long lived career they have.

Thus, most of these anchors have entailed the importance of media from the old perspective which had been acknowledged many decades ago. However, due to the technological advancements of internet, computers, mobile phones and the likes, there had been a new trend in adding up information for people the conservatism and rules which must be adhered are now gone. Thus, the media had created a change been the Old Media and the New Media. Old Media and New Media The Old Media is known as the types of media which had been utilized by different personalities such as newspapers, television, radios, movies, books and the likes.

These mediums are utilized in order to disseminate to people the current events, criticisms, issues which are in the trend during a certain amount of time. Therefore, the old media are types of materials which are utilized without the use of the latest technologies. The old technologies which use papers, radios and television are the old and classic style of presenting audiences what they want and need to hear from the government and other events which is up to date and certified as accurate.

(Agincourt Computing, 2005) The New Media one the other hand is the latest innovation which is utilized by the any individual who is in the entertainment or media industry. The type of media which is mostly utilized by the new media is the internet which is sometimes described as unreliable, and could be effortlessly manipulated by anyone. However, due to the availability of the new media, sometimes the old media is already neglected by the people most especially the youth.

The youth are currently much exposed to the effortless access of information in the internet rather than browsing swiftly to every page of the book and absorbing all possible concepts which the author would want to discuss. Most students would want to see a summarized article or a book which they could easily understand without even much analysis from their part. Some people that are on the go prefer some medium that they could put all their information in one single gadget and they could view it whenever they want. Some of these are the main reason for the great interest of people with the new media.

However, we must take note that the new media and the old media have its own strengths and weaknesses due to the different aspect that each type of media has. (Vaina, 2008) Almost every individual in the world has their own website and blogsites which they proclaim various types of qualms and experiences during the day or an event. Every one also have Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and the likes that encourages online activities such as gaming, blogging, chatting and etc. as the main activities that individuals with accounts there could use for entertainment.

Therefore people all around the world is able to express their emotions through their creativity in arts, and writing, and music while other people has the ability to see such works without even paying a single cent thus, making the internet world a world of different possibilities for those that are actively using it through different means. Though the secrecy and privacy provided by the internet many are capable of doing anything and everything they could possibly want without any types of limitation except for some few which is regulated by some countries.

Matt Drugger, New Media and Democracy: In the world of new media, there is one of the many individuals who had became popular is Matt Drudger. He is a media personality who is very controversial in terms of the issues he is raising in terms of the democratic political party in his website. As on article stated he “is a self-styled seeker of truth, specifically of hidden and obscure truths. If there’s a Drudge brand he’s like to convey, it’s of the relentless, rumpled, ever-vigilant newsman—always connected and plugged into his network of operative (Pachter, 2003).

During the controversy of the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky was the epitome of the popularity of his website. As the more controversial he has gotten the type of issues he had been racing are being deeper and deeper compared before. Honestly, we know that nasty kinds of news makes some people interested and sometimes crave for more of it. Many individuals would want something that would ruin the clean slate individuals who are known as the goody-two-shoes and an issue would immediately turn them into vulnerable beasts.

This is the action being done by Matt Drudge. Although his work is not as easy as they think it is, Drudge takes his work seriously that he has all the channels in the world that would be able to make him see issues in different parts of the country and the world. Thus, such old news sources will be his secondary sources for his new media business (Pachter, 2003). The internet personality has his website called, www. drudgereport. com which is very much notorious for all the news it publishes online.

If the content of the website will be seen links of various types of news website if provided together with the list of the most controversial individuals we could possibly think in politics most especially in the world of Hollywood. In addition to this, he also has the news for the latest technologies, medical improvements, international news and the likes. Any individual who would like to have the latest news could be putting this website in his or her favorite or bookmarked page due to the up to the minute live updates the internet is providing.

Although the updates that Drudge is providing are very beneficial for everyone however, the issues that he is creating sometimes disrupt the peacefulness of the American society. It is already a given that many issues will arise within the different aspects of life such as political, environmental, medical and etc. However, there must be a concept of media responsibility in the side of www. drudgesreports. com. Although the new media is not restricted of conservative with regards to information dissemination, it is important that every type of media will become responsible of the power that is given to them.

Due to the fact that internet is a location where in anything is possible moral responsibility must be taken into consideration as a part of the rights provided to citizens in the United States. These types of websites are truly the expression of the democratic right of any citizen of the United States. Americans have the power to question and replicate their president in anyway they can. One good example is the Saturday Night Live (SNL) show which incorporates political personalities in their comedic scenes.

Most of the time, political leaders are not treated as kindly as they are some political figures who had been part of the many skits the show had done are former President George Bush, President Barack Obama, and many others more. Most of the time, the most controversial individuals are those that are impersonated by great actors. Thus, such show expresses a strong democratic power which is actively exercised by many Americans. If television shows could easy perform such skits inform of millions of people how could a single webpage be stopped by the government.

In addition to this, there are too many Americans in the United States and not everyone could be given an immediate response by the government. Through the internet access and web pages such as these the democratic power of Americans is exercised without question. Thus, such type of internet website enhances the ability of Americans to express their views without realizing that they are limited and needing a massive attention from big media corporations such as National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) and the likes that needed the very unconventional and timely news to be aired in their channels.

Through the use such internet websites, any individual could pasture the attention of anyone who is able to connect to the internet and type expound on any topic relevant for their own view point. Thus, the internet have created an a small community where in individuals are not hesitant of proclaiming their views for the reason that they are known to the public and afraid of the scrutiny they will be getting if they would present themselves. In addition, the life threatening possibilities could be done to anyone who contradicts any powerful individual.

Although there are no publicized actions which truly contradicts the democracy of media personalities that could be near any human rights violations similar to other countries therefore; the reason for using the new media as a form of expression is also a protection against those who has violent tendencies with regards to this kinds of situation. In conclusion, the old media and the new media are currently the different types of mediums which is utilized and appreciated by all types of people. The old media views the television, books, news papers and the people behind them as the most important entities of media.

Moreover the usage of lesser enhanced technology and the classic modes of communication with viewers are categorized as the old media. On the other hand, the new media uses the internet and the continuing technological development build after such as the main medium of its communication with its audience. The internet through blogging, podcasting, Youtube, various internet sites and etc. different information are provided to the various readers that have searched the link of the website. There is easier access, freedom but a great responsibility in publishing anything in the internet.

Every sentence that is connected to any type of current issues should be proven and reflected before publishing the article. It is the right of any individual to state anything that is on his or her mind because it is the duty of the people to exercise checking and balancing any activities of any political party or political leader. This responsibility is under the democracy of any citizen of the state. It must be taken into consideration that there are many people in the world who are not able to go in front of a government office to rally and shout out loud against the policies that had been made.

Some people chose to write, blog, Myspace, Facebook or Twitter their emotions to make the people understand them or pay attention to their view points. Given that technology is present, why not use it for the greater good? One of those is to exercise democracy and freedom of speech which is provided by the United States of America to all their citizens. Therefore, the website of Matt Drudge is only one of the many internet sites that launch different issues (true or not) that affects different communities most especially the political side of the state.

Although some might say that he is very explicit and irresponsible with the news he is presenting but is could not be hindered that this is his right to apply his democratic rights an American Citizen. Taking into consideration the personal lives of the people who are being discussed in this kind of website, individuals who are actively participating must take away the concept of taking matters too personally. Providing too much democracy for people also steps on other people’s rights such as privacy. Therefore, the democracy is rights provided to everyone but a responsibility that must be seriously understand.

References Patcher, R. (1 September 2003). “By linking news sites, Matt Drudge created an Internet success. ” Retrieved on 1 April 2009 from http://www. wordsonwords. com/reviews/Drudge903. html. Vaina, D. (15 April 2008) “New Media Versus Old Media. ” Retrieved on 1 April 2009 from http://www. america. gov/st/freepress-english/2008/April/20080513173802WRybakcuH0. 6948358. html Agincourt Computing. (15 December 2004). “Old Media, New Media. ” Retrieved on 1 April 2009 from http://www. aginc. net/media. htm.

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