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As Long as the Grass Grows or Water Runs Essay

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Directions: As you read the chapter, think about and answer the following questions.

What is the major theme in this chapter? The major theme was Native American survival and the effects of Americans taking their land, raiding their communities, and spreading diseases. What evidence does Zinn cite to illustrate the overall impact of Indian removal? He uses the story “Fathers and Children” to show the overall impact. The book talked about how the Native Americans were treated horrible. They were kicked out of their home and their homeland and as the horrors went on the Native population began to decrease majorly.

How do Jefferson’s views concerning Indian policy differ when he served as Secretary of state and as President? Why did his views change? When he was Secretary he believed that the Indians should be left alone, but when he became President he believed the Indians should be forced out because this allowed for vast open lands for the Americans to occupy with ag, market, commerce, and develop a good economy.

He also wanted to gain more respect from the American citizens (majority of population) How does Andrew Jackson’s early political/military career foreshadow his Indian policies as President? Before he was President he had a hatred for the Indians and had battled many of them at war. When he became President he had more power to allow him to try to get rid of the Indians permanently. How does Zinn’s view of the War of 1812 contrast with traditional histories? Zinn believed that war was unnecessary. Zinn thought that we were trying to expand our land but the histories say that we were just fighting the war to get away from England. Why does Zinn juxtapose the Nullification Controversy of 1832 and the enforcement of Worcester v. Georgia?

He is trying to show the reader that people still believed the Indians should be left alone and that they were willing to fight for the Indian’s rights. Some states tried to abolish federal tariffs to help out, but those on Jackson’s side outnumbered these people. What is the significance of the phrase: “As long as grass grows or water runs”? I believe this is saying that the situation between these two different civilizations will always remain the same, which was on bad terms. So as long as the grass continues to grow and the water still runs, things between them will continue to stay that way.

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