As Good As It Gets Essay

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As Good As It Gets

Being a good person has to do with someone discovering themselves and his or her role in the world. Some people think that being a good person is as simple as not harming another, but it is not always about what someone does not do, but what they do for others. Character is what makes people believe that others are successful. Everyone must do his or her part everyday by living a life of integrity. Having good character is much more than what people think it is; others can see someone’s true character better than the person themself. Some examples of good character include being trustworthy, respectful, and responsible. First, being trustworthy plays a huge role of having good character. In other words, trustworthy means being able to be trusted by others. People have to learn to keep their word in order to be trustworthy. If someone says he or she will do something for another person, that person expects them to keep their word. Obviously, trustworthy means having trust. If someone is not honest or being truthful, it is hard to say that person has good character. Being honest is a huge key in being trustworthy and having good character. To many people, it is extremely difficult to be friends with someone he or she cannot trust.

Having the courage to do what is right is also an example of trustworthiness. Being trustworthy shows that someone can be a good person and deep down they do care about others. In addition, having and showing respect is another example of having good character. Being respectful generally means showing others respect and being polite to others. People need to learn to respect one another and show they have good manners. Saying yes ma’am and no sir is a way of showing respect and good manners. Being respectful shows a great amount about a person. It shows how he or she treats others and how they were raised. Some people were raised without their parents teaching them how to be respectful. People should treat others the way that they want to be treated. No one wants to be treated badly, so they should not treat others that way. Also, listening to what others have to say is being respectful. It is extremely rude to not listen to someone while they are speaking. People should not judge others before they get to know them; people never know what others have been through until they get to know them. Last, responsibility also is a huge part of having good character.

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