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As an IT Analyst dealing with computerrelated issues I have

As an IT Analyst dealing with computer-related issues, I have been working in the IT department of the health care sector for two years. During my stay at the hospital, the nurses that I related to made a significant imprint to my passion and encouraged me to pursue a career in nursing. They would not only care for the patients but were the first to respond to an emergency; after that when things had stabilized to bring comfort and understanding to the patient and their families.

Most times, I have seen experienced nurses that have successfully saved the lives of patients at such critical moments when physicians are not forthcoming or absent by successfully performing necessary intervention tasks that should otherwise be performed by a doctor.

Furthermore, while working with Clinical staff, I got to know how significant it is to understand vividly human health challenges. I have seen how engaged nurses are in helping their patients in distress to provides immediate medical, physical, emotional and other forms of needed patient support and care.

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Also anytime there is a medical urgency in the hospital, announcements are usually made through the E-address system to have their specific hospital staff on standby mode, which is also a cause that inspires and gear me towards this career.

I also have experienced in Elderly care center where I saw vulnerable patients who were fighting with their lives and how nurses were giving them 24/7 care as their families were unable to look after them so at this point I make up my mind that whenever in life I will get a chance will earn another degree to serve humanity.

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I find out that Nurses also play a vital role in post-recovery rehabilitation of patients and building a healthy and prosperous health organization. Aside their essential part inpatient care, if not frequently, nurses are also known to save lives through keen and vigilant lookout over patients and reporting signs or symptoms of some life-threatening developments to doctors such as respiratory failure, cardiac arrest, and other critical patient circumstances. That is why I hold a keen interest in studying Nursing to acquire the skills and knowledge that I will need to become a registered nurse in the future. I am quite confident that I will achieve my goal of becoming nurse who will offer help to people in pain. My future goal is to start my career and dedicate myself to the Health care organization.

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