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As a leader of an organization

As a leader of an organization, you face the choice of selecting the leader of a negotiation team to draft a new deal with a potential Saudi Arabian client. By far your best, most experienced, a most skilled negotiator is one of your female executives. She has, for many years, successfully negotiated deals within the Unites States and in several Western countries. Her second in command is a promising but relatively young male executive who still needs to develop his skills and experience (Nahavandi p.


In 3-4 paragraphs, answer the following questions:

1. Who do you send to Saudi Arabia as head of your team?

This would be kind of a difficult situation but someone has to make the decision of who would be the leader. So, to answer this question we must first understand what is meant by leadership and factors must be considered. Leadership is the process by which a particular individual fulfills the expectations of a group or team and develops an environment, in which the group is motivated, rewarded and helped to achieve its goals.

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I would most definitely send the young male executive as the head of my team but I would not leave my female executive out she would be of assistant to him. He would be the leader handling the new deal and she would help out by gathering necessary information and other necessary task so that this will be more of a group leader as one but he would be the lead person. This will allow my young male executive to gain experience.

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2. What factors must you consider?

There are many factors to consider in this type of situation. According to Nahavandi, leadership is a social and cultural phenomenon. To complicate a westerner understands of the Saudi culture is the fact that it has no semblance to any type of Western democracy, which Saudis regard as corrupt. Women are treated as subhuman by western standards. By Saudi standards, they are being protected from exploitation. The factors that I would consider would be the culture contexts and structure of the organization. According to Nahavandi, Saudi Arabia is a highly context culture, where subtle body posture, tone in voice, detailed rituals, and person’s title and status convey strong messages that determine behavior. The structure of organization is the set of values, norms and beliefs shared by members in an organization. I must make sure that my team is very knowledgeable of Saudi Arabia’s culture because I would not want to send the wrong message, especially when you have gender as a big issue there. According to Nahavandi, women play a limited role in public and business life in Saudi Arabia. This is one of the reasons why my male executive will play the lead person in this negotiation. His role is to help and guide his team through a loose but exceedingly mixed system that helps the organization become resourceful.

3. What are the implications of your decision for your business and the message you send as a leader?

The implications of my decision for the business and the message sent as a leader was based on the internal and external activities that the team did together to accomplish a goal with Saudi Arabia by considering there culture dynamics and organization as a whole. This will allow us to negotiate a successful business deal. By having the male executive to be the captain of this negotiation and having the female executive as the co-captain says a lot about how much we respect this country’s culture.

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