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Arugment for Less School Hours

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Most students drag themselves out of bed every morning only to find themselves deparately waiting for that last bell to ring, marking the end of a school day. Increasing hours and the days students have to attend will destroy students and cause problems for them. The result would be taxes increasing, extracurricular activities getting cut and an increase on stress for kids. Most teens do not come from a wealthy background. Therefore, they have to provide for themselves as well as save up for college.

If schools were to be longer, many teens that need to work to help support themselves would have difficulty finding a job that will fit to their schedule. It may also be hard for teens to hold that job. Another reason why schools should not be loner is because longer days would mean little extracurricular activities. This is very crucial, since it is one of the key factors that help many teens get into their choice of college.

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Colleges not only look at their grades in high school, but also any activities they have done out of school.

Additionally, no extracurricular activity prevents kids from exploring their true passion, limiting their opportunities. Finally, when students miss a few days due to sickness, they end up having to make to piles and piles of work. Now if student were to have longer days, there would be more work. This might unmotivated students, as they are overwhelmed by work. Many Naive people would say yes to lengthen the school days and try to argue that students would learn more because this would mean longer instructional time.

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However , studies show there is no correlation between the length of the school days and the student’s academic achievements. According to Amanda Morin, it is not about how long kids are in the classroom; but how engaged in learning they are. Also many people state that lengthing the school years would allow parents to save money, as they would not have to send their kids to day care or hire a babysitter, or have to pay for the expensive childcare or hire a babysitter, or have to pay for the expensive childcare programs.

However, lengthening the school year would mean a dramatic increase in taxes on parents who are sending their children to school, in order to cover for the pay in teachers and the increase on staff to help run the school. There are many reasons why the school day should not be extended including the maintainance cost, extracurricular activities and keeping hold of jobs. Many students are already stressed out, therefor adding more days would increase that stress. Having school 35 hours a week is plenty and it would be absurd to change school hours or days.

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