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Arts are the rarest and unique forms of life which gives us

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Arts are the rarest and unique forms of life which gives us intence plesure and also they porvide us all the releif we want in our mind to get over things or worst happenings. one of them is free hand drawing, i would like to share my transformation of all my skills in free hand drawings with my life in the on-going essay.

Here I would like to talk about my drawing art which I found in me when I was in grade 11-12, that time I change my school so everything was new for me.

I attended all the lectures but I found biology very interesting because it is all about figures, because if we understand figures then it will be easy to understand the description. After

that I saw all figures of plants and animals so try to draw the structure, first I feel that it’s difficult to draw perfect structure then I gave my little time on structure.

There is one experiment-book on biology and lots of diagrams on this book and our sir told us that you have to draw all the diagrams chapter-wise and submit last month.

That time I like to draw the bonds of hand and leg with perfection other students take 15 to 20 mins but I took 40-45 mins because when I start anything to draw then I didn’t remember

anything which is going around me I feel that I reach in another planet. When I become alone or feel free then I take paper and pencil search for something on the internet or find a book and start my drawing.

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I kept that drawing paper or diagram with me in in my Home Country. My friends and Teacher also said that you have to take arts for drawing you will achieve great opportunities in that field and also told me that there is a big scope for drawing after grad that I not too much good in this and I have to learn lots of new thing about this art.

I love to spend my time drawing Still I do some mistakes in drawing but furthermore, I can not draw the face of people I confused to draw the face but all of it I draw a full structure without a face.

I watching videos for that and took some guidelines but it’s hard for me. Sometimes i just draw the face but after that, I messed up the drawing so I have to throw that drawing paper.

I always participate in some drawing competition and every-time I got a new idea about art.Everyone has an imagination just different ways to express it and I express my emotions on the paper through this art. When I feel boring,

depress or sick at that time I put my head on the table and draw cartoons for fun or relaxing. I love to draw Cartoons characters, Natural sources, in detail animals and humans more specifically i can portrey all the human biological structures.

Art has always been a huge part of my life but i had not been taught the basics of it until tenth grade.In the summer vacation, I attended the arts drawing and painting classes and both of them I like to attend the drawing classes and learn architectural , shadow , cartoon drawing.

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