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An artist must be creative in order to create a phenomenal cave
Words • 626
Pages • 3
An artist must be creative in order to create a phenomenal cave art; creativity is the use of imaginations in order to create something. Cave painting is a type of parietal arts on the interior of a cave with depictions of animals, cave painting was the most common method of communication around the year 30,000 B.C.E. There were five different kinds of cave art such as hand prints like finger marks, abstract signs, creative painting, engraving and relief sculpture. According…...
A Certain Darkness Exhibition
Words • 2028
Pages • 9
There is an art exhibition in the Caixa forum Musuem called A Certain Darkness created by several artists displaying their work. Behind this exhibition, mysterious works and arts were shown in a way that makes you wonder about the artists' feelings, thoughts, and imagination in the time that they were creating this art. Some of these artists attracted my attention by their fantastic work and some were not that much interesting. Every single piece of art in this exhibition has…...
Fraudsters in Recruitment
Words • 1977
Pages • 8
It's been quite a while since I blogged, but just thought that I would have to burn midnight oil for this one since I believe that the information ought to go out there even after one of my friends was in such a situation. She has been desperately looking to change jobs for various reasons; including a greater challenge, greener pastures (more pay), a job that would ease work life balance and wanting to get out of the industry she…...
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Gibran Kahlil Gibran
Words • 2938
Pages • 12
Introduction Gibran Kahlil Gibran was known as an author, artist and poet. He was the bearer of faith in the unity of all religion. He was a key figure in the histories of modern English and Arabic literature in the early 20th century. He was born on 6th January 1883 in Bsharri, Lebanon and he was a quiet sensitive young boy. He showed an early artistic aptitude and a love for nature that became evident. His father's name was Kahlil…...
ArtistsChristianChristianity BeliefsPoetryReligion
Cubist Artists and African Sculpture
Words • 1468
Pages • 6
Cubist Artists were drawn to African sculpture because'Cubist artists were drawn to African sculpture because it offered a model of formal simplification based on folk traditions and it represented not only an influence but also a way of recapturing the representational power' that the arts of civilised, cultured Europe had lost. One of the cubist's aims was to undermine Western artistic traditions and embrace the primitiveness' of African sculpture opposed to the indulgent West. Indeed, the aesthetics of traditional African…...
AfricaArtArtistsPablo Picasso
Andy Warholpainting
Words • 847
Pages • 4
Campbell's soup cansWe chose the painting Campbell's soup cans by Andy Warhol also known as 32 Campbell's soup cans. This painting came from the period of pop-art. Pop-art started to come to the surface in the mid 1950's and ended in the late 1970's. Pop-art was created to try to blur the lines between high class art and low culture art. Pop-art bloomed in the period of popular culture which is often known to public as mass media. Pop-art artists…...
Andy WarholCulturePaintingPop Art
A lick of genius Chinese artist creates ink paintings using his TONGUEA
Words • 1026
Pages • 5
A lick of genius: Chinese artist creates ink paintings using his TONGUEA 27-year-old artist from China learns from his family to paint by using tongueDipping his tongue in the coloured ink, he licks and twists to create patternsHe said the tradition can be harmful to his body and should be done carefullyBy Tiffany Lo For Mailonline Published: 02:27 AEDT, 28 April 2017 | Updated: 04:43 AEDT, 28 April 2017 e-mail5shares2View commentsAn artist in China has showcased his painting skills to…...
Pablo Picasso
Words • 1153
Pages • 5
Pablo PicassoThere is a significant impact that is found in Pablo Picasso's work of Spanish heritage. His first work points to the traditions of Spanish masters of dramatic realism and spontaneity. He then later worked on the break from conventional forms to the style that contributed to his be signature in the art history. From the beginning however, Picasso's work shows restlessness which finally pushed him in the traditional method of artistic study. This is shown in the artist's feelings…...
Pablo Picasso
Louise Bourgeois was a FrenchAmerican artist who had created notably famous installations
Words • 989
Pages • 4
Louise Bourgeois was a French-American artist who had created notably famous installations and artwork such as Maman' (1999) and Femme Maison' (1946-1947) in a career that spanned around eighty years. In the cell Hands and Mirror', as the viewer, we can peer in and view specific arrangements of objects which make up the cell, in this case, it's the marble hands, mirrors and doors in addition to the types of materials used, colours and layout. However, we are physically restricted…...
Andy Warhol’s Use Of The Controversial Pop Art Style
Words • 980
Pages • 4
Controversial WarholArt in the past was rarely used as a commercial technique until around the mid-20th century. Artist Andy Warhol initiated the visual style of pop art in order to explore relationships between advertisement, popular culture, and artistic expression. Although Warhol revolutionized pop art throughout the 1970s in the United States and around the world, he essentially utilized popular icons in order to become iconic– which brings up controversy about whether he was a visionary genius, a sell-out, or an…...
Andy WarholArtPop Art
Frida Kahlo: Works and Life
Words • 4530
Pages • 19
Introduction of the essayThis essay will focus on the work of Frida Kahlo, a Mexican female artist. This analysis aims to reveal the personal characteristics of the artist, by examining Kahlo’s choice of subject matter and investigating what drives her to create art that is so bold and defiant. To further the analysis it will look into to the issues her art attempts to raise and the message her work portrays. It will focus on how her paintings were greatly…...
ArtFrida KahloWork
Artist Branding- Individuals as Trademarks in the Music Industry
Words • 1365
Pages • 6
Trademarks are everywhere. In our everyday lives, we are constantly in touch with different brands. In town, in shops, in gyms and at concerts. Multinational companies, local companies, products and individuals are all categories of well-known brands. The benefit of seeing a company as a brand has meant that it is no longer just the big companies that are interested in brand building. Kapferer (2008: 2) Highlights the many uses of brand building and says “Amazingly, all types of organizations…...
ArtistsBrandsGlobal MarketingMusic IndustryResearchTrademark
17th Century Art, Light vs. Dark
Words • 330
Pages • 2
The use of light and dark in 17th Century art captures your eye, and you wish to include this important Baroque element in your book. Look at the portraits in the text and pick two painters and compare how they use brilliant light and dark shading to illuminate parts of the human body. I will use two different artists Antonio del Pollaiuolo, Battle of the nudes. Along with, Michelangelo. Pieta from Old Saint Peter’s. 17th Century Art, light vs. dark…...
LightMichelangeloVisual Arts
A Hunger Artist
Words • 753
Pages • 4
Misunderstanding must be exposed and handled accordingly in order for understanding to occur Throughout the short story, “A Hunger Artist”, misunderstanding often created a separation of artist from society. Franz Kafka uses various literary elements and devices such as symbols and conflict to demonstrate this theme. One way that Franz Kafka explicitly displays misunderstanding in “A Hunger Artist” is through his use of symbolism. Throughout the work, the hunger artist was locked inside of a cage to isolate himself from…...
ArtistsFastingWorld Wide Web
An Analysis of Frida Kahlo and Carmen Lomas Garza
Words • 1409
Pages • 6
Cultural Versus Opportunities: An Analysis of Frida Kahlo And Carmen Lomas Garza Words 1,715 Both of these paintings show the love and desire to hold on to ones heritage and family traditions which is extremely important in Hispanic families. Both with vivid colors and images. In Kahlo’s “Self Portrait on the Border Line Between Mexico and the United States”, even though she is a Mexican woman living in a non-Mexican country, she is able to accept both sides and hold…...
DreamFrida KahloMexico
Comparing Two Artists
Words • 470
Pages • 2
Magritte uses minimal dull colours though he changes tones within his colours to create shadowy effects and also creates a layered element contributing to line within his artwork; the horizontal layers between the background make the vertical lines of the owls stand out in the foreground of his artwork. Magritte is known to not leave hidden messages within his artwork, cleverly painting the reality he see’s. For this particular symbolic painting Magritte uses oil on canvas, the sharp detail he…...
Comparing Works of Art
Words • 1106
Pages • 5
Art, science and literature all grew tremendously during the Renaissance, led by artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, scientists like Galileo, and writers like Shakespeare. In art, the Renaissance renewed interest in naturalistic styles and formal rules of composition such as perspective. The Greek classical ideals of ideal proportions (for depicting the human body as well as for architecture and painting) also regained popularity. Important artists of the Italian Renaissance were with Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. Comparing Works…...
Comparison of Paintings
Words • 364
Pages • 2
Leonardo Da Vinci, who painted 'Madonna of the Rocks' in 1485, was very interested in science. He did various studies of plants, water and even controversial studies of the human anatomy where he cut open the deceased to see how the inside of the body works. All this was to provide the perfect naturalistic painting. In the painting 'Madonna of the rocks' his study of water can be seen in Marys hair and there is numerous plants and rocks that…...
ComparisonLeonardo Da VinciPainting
How Innovative or Original Can a Successful Artist Be?
Words • 1091
Pages • 5
Art - How innovative or original can a successful artist be? Art is considered to vary across culture and also through time. Art considered as a masterpiece by this group of people might not even be appreciated by another group of people. Art changes through time and the value of a certain artistic piece might increase or decrease through time. Art is what defines a culture, thus it is regarded by many as the main (not sure we could say…...
Mamoni Raisom Goswami
Words • 952
Pages • 4
From a stepping stone to a Milestone Popularly known as Mamoni Raisom Goswami, Indira Goswami was an Assamese poet, editor, writer, professor and scholar who was also known as Mamoni Baideo. She was the pole star of Assamese Literature. The only second Assamese recipient of the “Jnanpith Award”, Mamoni Baideo was born on 14 November 1942 in Guwahati. Mamoni Raisom Goswami was born to Umakanta Goswami and Ambika Devi, who were very much attached to Sattra life of the Ekasarana…...
ArtArtistsHistoryIndian CultureLifeLifestyle
Experience God’s Magnificent Artistry through the Beauty and Sustainability of Nature
Words • 1093
Pages • 5
We usually marvel at the beauty of landscape arts and admire artists’ artworks, but we forget who the real master is and where artists’ inspiration comes from. Although there are great portraits that have been produced over the years, nature still remains at the pinnacle of artistry and God, the Master Artist and Architect. While human arts can only visually appease us, God designed nature not just for its beauty, but also for its ability to support life. Now, let’s…...
Formal Analysis: The Prison Courtyard by Vincent Van Gogh
Words • 1067
Pages • 5
The Prison Courtyard (1890) by Vincent van Gogh Approximately 80cm x 64cm Oil on Canvas The State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow, Russia The Prison Courtyard The prison Courtyard was painted by Vincent van Gogh in 1890, while he was in “prison” himself. Due to his mental illness, he was locked up in the Saint-Paul de Mausole asylum in Saint Remy, as per the recommendations of his doctor. While in the asylum, he was allowed to paint, as painting…...
PrisonVincent Van Gogh
Analysis of Painting Las Meninas by Diego Velazquez
Words • 923
Pages • 4
Las Meninas is considered to be Diego Velazquez’s magnum opus. Painted in the 1600s, this 3D painting was ahead of its time. Deviating from his classic bodegon art or genre based painting, Diego created a surreal impression of the royal family that permanently put him above his peers. Originally named “The Family of Philip IV”, the painting creates a picturesque representation of the royal family. And Diego did not see the need to sign his name on it- he instead…...
CaravaggioPaintingVisual Arts
Portrait of Dora Maar by Pablo Picasso
Words • 791
Pages • 4
Pablo Picasso is the proud painter of Dora Maar, au Chat (Dora Maar with Cat). It portrays Dora Maar, the painter's darling, situated on a seat with a little feline roosted on her shoulders. The work is one of the world's most costly artistic creations. The canvas (50 ½ by 37 ½ inches/128.3 cm by 95.3 cm) was one of numerous representations of Dora Maar painted by Pablo Picasso over their almost decade involved acquaintance. Picasso experienced passionate feelings for…...
ArtPablo PicassoVisual Arts
Portrait de L’Artiste Sans Barbe
Words • 975
Pages • 4
Self picture is a 1889 oil on canvas painting by the post-impressionist craftsman Vincent van Gogh. The photo, which may have been van Gogh’s last self-picture, was painted in September that year and he took the composition with him to Auvers-sur-Oise, close Paris, where he demonstrated it to Dr Paul Gachet, who thought it was totally obsessive. Craftsmanship students of history are partitioned concerning whether this composition or Self-representation without facial hair is van Gogh’s last self-picture, van Gogh sent…...
ArtArtistsVincent Van Gogh
Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam art analysis
Words • 948
Pages • 4
Michelangelo di Lodovico di Leonardo di Buonarroti Simoni can be rightly called one the most popular artists of the Renaissance. This Italian master is primarily well-known as the painter, sculptor, designer in addition to the creator of the High Renaissance style. As a person of manifold presents, he was also a poet. Michelangelo's contemporaries considered him a genius together with the fantastic Leonardo and Raphael. In Pope Julius II entrusted him to create the murals on the walls and the…...
ArtArt analysisMichelangeloThe Book Of Genesis
Venus de Milo: Interesting Facts About the Sculpture
Words • 1081
Pages • 5
The Venus de Milo is one of the most famous sculptures in the world. The millions of tourists from all over the globe come to the Louvre museum in Paris to see it. Almost as popular as the Mona Lisa, it played a significant role in the history of art and inspired thousands of artists, such as Dali, Magritte, Baker, Dine, and Cezanne. Alexandros of Antioch, a talented artist of the Hellenistic period, is known to carve this sculpture in…...
ArtSalvador DaliVenus
Van Gogh case and “Starry Night” description
Words • 1282
Pages • 6
Van Gogh was a great painter who wrote “ ” in 1889. In this article we’ll provide you with the information of what are the experiences of a great artist. That is hidden behind the cosmic harmony of the night sky and the brilliance of moon and stars, the flames of cypresses, and what is in this violent landscape, created by the power of imagination, being a patient in the hospital for the insane. Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) is a…...
Starry NightVincent Van Gogh
Legendary Portrait by Leonardo da Vinci – Mona Lisa
Words • 966
Pages • 4
Mona Lisa, widely known as Gioconda, is one of the most famous paintings in the whole world. The masterpiece was created by Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci in the sixteenth century. Nowadays, people can enjoy this work of art in the Louvre, Paris. Leonardo da Vinci made this portrait for Francesco del Gioconda, who asked the painter to draw his wife –Lisa Gherardini. The girl was 24 years old when the painter was 54. Da Vinci was working on the…...
ArtLeonardo Da VinciMona Lisa
The understanding of the meaning and symbols of the painting Guernica by Pablo Picasso
Words • 933
Pages • 4
At a glance, if someone knows nothing about the painting Guernica by Pablo Picasso, it might look insane, unintelligible, and meaningless. However, the picture hides a broad meaning and history behind itself. Therefore, whether someone is interested in art or not, the analysis of the painting Guernica by Pablo Picasso might affect him or her deep inside. An architect expresses his or her feelings by designing a building, a writer by writing the novel, and a composer by composing music.…...
Pablo PicassoPainting
History of Andy Warhol’s life you might not know
Words • 1550
Pages • 7
Pieces of art always shock us by their unusualness, fancifulness, and loveliness. Each of us has own ideas of beauty, but everyone will admit with unique beauty and richness of Andy Warhol’s works. Are there people in the world who didn’t recognize the Andy Warhol’s name? Maybe a little quantity exists; nevertheless, this talented and skillful artist wasn’t always like this. Let’s go into some details! Andy Warhol was born in 1928 in the USA, but his family was from…...
Andy WarholHistoryLife
Artist 2 – Andy Warhol Green Coca-Cola Bottles, 1962
Words • 404
Pages • 2
Subject The work displays the image of a single Coca-Cola bottle is repeated in regular rows, seven high by sixteen throughout, above the business's logo design, printed in intense red, representing the pop art style he had actually made so popular. Ideas and meaning in artworks The repeated images and standardized format stimulates the look of mechanical and mass reproduction, an essential part of American culture that Warhol wished to expose in his works. He wished to expose the materialistic…...
Andy WarholArtistsCoca ColaPop Art
Artist 2 – Andy Warhol Marilyn Diptych, 1962
Words • 586
Pages • 3
Subject matter Warhol made more than 50 silkscreen paintings of her, called 'Marilyn Diptych', all based on the same publicity photograph from the 1953 film Niagara. Ideas and meaning Warhol toke the subject of his painting from an impersonal image, a photograph made for mass reproduction. The mistakes in the silkscreen represented her mortality, that no one was perfect. "You get the same image, slightly different each time. [The technique] was all so simple quick and chancy. I was thrilled…...
Andy WarholArtistsPop Art
Yukio Mishima’s novel The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea
Words • 1143
Pages • 5
How does Fusako and Ryuji's first encounter foreshadow the dynamics of their future relationship? In Yukio Mishima's novel The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea, first encounters between characters are fundamental in developing their relationship dynamic. When Fusako Kuroda and Noboru are led onto the ship Rakuyo, Ryuji-its second officer in command-is appointed as their guide. Mishima uses dominant diction and invigorating imagery to immediately introduce the romantic nature of their prevailing relationship, and to foreshadow the future…...
NovelsSalvador Dali
The Play Blood Wedding by Frederico Garcia Lorca
Words • 901
Pages • 4
Contextualising the play The social, cultural and historical context of the play will be discussed in some detail and the relative importance of each as a factor in the writing, producing and interpretation of the play will be considered. Context is the circumstances and conditions which surround the play. We are able to tell that the social, historical and cultural context all affected Lorca and this emphasised certain aspects of "Blood Wedding". The play has many references to social, cultural…...
MarriagePlaySalvador DaliWedding Ceremony
Development of the Renaissance Centralized Church Plan
Words • 1769
Pages • 8
Analyze the development of the centralized church plan in Renaissance architecture (15th and 16th centuries). In your examples, include an analysis of meaning and symbolism. During the Renaissance period, new centralized church plans developed as a result of a more scientific approach to nature. The idea of precise proportions and measurement emerged through Vitruvius’ theory regarding human anatomy. Vitruvius described how human body, with extended arms and legs, fits perfectly into the most basic geometrical shapes: circle and square. This…...
ArchitectureBeautyChurchDevelopmentGeometryLeonardo Da Vinci
James Wong Howe
Words • 1119
Pages • 5
HOWE, JAMES WONG (1898-1975), photographer, cinematographer. Howe was born in Canton, China, in 1898 and came to the State of Washington in 1904 with his parents. His original name was Wong Tung Jim, which he continued to use until 1922. He is recognized for his great camera work in the United States and for bringing new, revolutionary techniques to the camera world. Among his best known photographic innovations are the use of the wide-angle lens, deep focus, and ceilinged sets…...
ArtistsCinematographyCitizen KaneFamous PersonPhotography
Jung’s Concept of Nekyia as Seen in Picasso
Words • 1795
Pages • 8
Carl Jung, who lived from 1881-1964, was a famous Swiss psychoanalyst who popularized the theory of the unconscious and explored more realms than merely the psychological ones. Researching the concepts of archetypes or symbolic themes existing across cultures; anima and animus, male and female opposites of the self; shadow, representing aspects of the self that a conscious person does not wish to acknowledge in themselves, and synchronicity into a balanced wholeness, Jung’s work became more popular in humanities classrooms than…...
ArtArtistsCarl JungPablo PicassoPsychology
The Painter Jacques-Louis David
Words • 1511
Pages • 7
Jacques-Louis David (1748-1825), one of the greatest French artists, is considered the central figure of the Neoclassical school in painting that began in France as an artistic reaction against the highly decorative and colorful Rococo style and flourished during the late XVIII – early XIX century. David lived at the time of political instability as well as cultural and spiritual impoverishment in France. That is why his paintings made a great impact on the artistic world and the French people…...
ArtArtistsFranceFrench RevolutionPaintingPompeii
The Persistence of Memory and the Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory
Words • 2259
Pages • 10
"It needs to be said that as soon as and for all art critics, artists ... that they need to expect nothing from the brand-new surrealist images however frustration, distaste, and repulsion ... the brand-new images of surrealism need to come increasingly more to take the types and colours of demoralization and confusion ... the desperate activity of these brand-new images ... will come to follow the totally free bent of desire at the exact same time as they are…...
ArtMemoryPaintingPerseverancePersistenceSalvador Dali
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Louise Bourgeois was a FrenchAmerican artist who had created notably famous installations
...Louise Bourgeois was a French-American artist who had created notably famous installations and artwork such as Maman' (1999) and Femme Maison' (1946-1947) in a career that spanned around eighty years. In the cell Hands and Mirror', as the viewer, we ...
How Innovative or Original Can a Successful Artist Be?
...To say art provides enrichment to humankind is not exaggerating. People have been inspired by thought provoking creations, from Van Gogh’s to Mecier’s art, from Bee Gees to Michael Jackson’s music. However, being innovative and original doesn...
Yukio Mishima’s novel The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea
...Mishima manages to uncover the complex nature of Fusako and Ryuji's relationship within just the brief moments of their first encounter. He marks the beginning of a dominant romantic connection that fuels the novel's plot as both characters continue ...
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