Artists and Art: Similar but Different

Have you ever thought about the difference and similarities between artists and their artwork? Some might let their creativity take control, while others limit themselves and their artwork. When thinking about similarities and differences take into consideration how the artists themselves and their art are alike and different, how their artwork is alike and different, why they make the art they do, what materials they use, and what their expectations and limits are. All artists have their different inspirations. Some use what they see and hear, others use a person they look up to and admire.

Art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory, or performing artifacts, expressing the author’s imaginative, conceptual ideas, or technical skills, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power. The purpose of having art is to communicate through a visual or to show strong emotions. There are many different forms and types of art like, architecture, sculpture, painting, literature, music, performing, and film.

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Other forms of art are logic, geometric, and astronomy. Art is taking action without words and expressing feelings towards someone or something. An artist is someone that makes and create the visuals. The artist is the person trying to get you to see what they see or to try to tell you a message through art. Artists can produce music, paintings, drawings, and much more. The work they make are really important to them because it’s their visual and how they see things should be.

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They take time out of their day no matter if its seconds, minutes, or hours to make a piece that’s very special to them. Art and Artists are similar because it’s all about visualizations, attractions, independence, and creativity. A difference is that someone is putting creativity on an object, such a as canvas, and the object which is the art, is being put into detail about what the person/ artist is visualizing with pencil, charcoal, or even paint. Getting an understanding of art is important because it gives you a different set of eyes to see a certain perspective. The colors, lines, shapes, motions, and much more. The different personalities that the artists have given off different vibes to the theme of the different art.

Almost all artists have their own signature or mark when it comes to their artwork. Mark Bradford creates wall collages made from items that he finds from the street. His artwork usually represents urban communities or significant words and phrases. Bradford’s works can be remnants of where he received his materials for the art piece. Lynda Benglis’ work is defined by the way she wants the people to view certain things as the body of a person or how the eyes view their surroundings.

As the view the work of Lynda Benglis, we can clearly see that at times we are to be confused by what she’s trying to saw for the normal eye while in others the art just pops in a more controversial way. Her art can consist of mainly sculpture and painting, which Mark Bradford also paints for his career. She is known in the art industry as a well-known feminist artists who is known to talk about how the female body and female artists are unique in their own way and should be appreciated. It’s well known about how she would challenge the male domination in the industry and what she would do in her pieces. One thing about her is that she is very brave about what she does and will go into lengths into her art to show that she doesn’t play around like in her 1974 Art forum advertisement where she displayed herself fully nude while pleasuring herself with a “toy” as a way to tell the art world to F- themselves.

This of course will contrast to the artwork that is displayed by the artist named Mark Bradford where his art is discussed more about racial problems and poverty and how his views have made the art that he has presented. With his art he enjoys having detail to what he adds since he’s a contemporary artist and he uses either abstract colors or words for his pieces. One of his well-known pieces was when he got on the rooftop of a building painted the words “Help Us’ that was made in 2008 to remember the people who were in desperation during Hurricane Katrina. Now with paint, he is known as a painter when most of his art doesn’t involve that much paint but rather things he finds off of the streets and gluing them into his works since it represents what he grew up in during his time. This is very well shown in his 2015 piece called Rebuild South Central and how he says he wants the place to be rebuilt without liquor stores and made to where the place was a better environment than what it used to be before.

We are able to see that from these two artists that even though their art is different from the ways they draw it to what they do in their pieces that they both have a big thing in common with each other, and that’s them wanting to give out a message to the public. The both don’t have any fears with showing off a stunt like how Lynda was able to expose herself nude to a public magazine in a way to give off a message about how she hated the way things were going on. Mark came at it when he decided to give people a view of how others felt when their lives were at stake and didn’t make these letters as a way of expressing themselves but rather to save their lives and others. Both artists have an appeal of not being well adjusted to the normal eye when they are first shown as some people might find the pieces to be just chicken scratch, but they hold such deep meanings for the art world. The way they represent themselves is in such a unique way that their backgrounds and knowledge to the art makes them something valuable and teachable to what the human mind can create, even if they seem to look different in the eye.

Some artist just make art without a meaning or inspiration, while others have reasons behind their art. Lynda Benglis and Mark Bradford have reasons behind all of their art. To start off, you are probably thinking “What is so important about hair supplies and scraps that Mark uses them?” The answer to that question is that he grew up with a family of hairdressers. When he was at the salon, he would make little sculptures out of hair supplies or things lying around. Bradford says he gets most of his inspiration from the streets. By this he means that when he gets scraps of things off the streets, that “once it is all put together, it’s like you’re reading the streets through signs.” –Mark Bradford. Bradford also says that he gets inspiration from the smaller things rather than the bigger things. He focuses on the details of a bigger picture. His Mom would always ask him, “What are you looking at?” and he would respond “Anything and everything.”

Now Lynda Benglis gets her inspiration elsewhere. Lynda’s inspiration, believe it or not, came from latex and foam being poured in corners of a room. Once she had poured latex and/or foam in corners, it would dry up and make these odd forms. She ended up noticing these forms and thought they could be sculptures. Another inspiration of Benglis was that her father’s car had colors, plastics, and woods that caught her attention and fascinated her. Lynda makes some of her artwork because she says, “Female Sensibility, for instance, was much more a statement about the fact that women love women, that we can all support each other.’ Lynda makes that kind of art to show that women can be feminine but also masculine at the same time. She sees it as women are no different from men, that we are equal. The benefit of growing up in a Greek-American family is that you can have inspiration from both sides. When growing up, her parents had a replication of a bare breasted woman. She says that when she would see that woman, she would see her as her mom and that feeling remained in her artwork to come.

Many artists have different techniques and materials they choose to use. Mark Bradford and Lynda Beglis materials weren’t just any regular materials. The materials they used as individuals differed in so many ways you would not see resemblance of ideas. One’s materials seemed as if they were inspired by the outside world and outdoor signs and billboards, while the other artist, Lynda Beglis, had more to do with the elements of Earth. Mark Bradford’s materials were more of the wear and tear billboards that were easily accessible. He often used unnamed material, usually low-cost, expendable, and materials often full of color and designs. Sometimes you may even catch layered compositions, paper patchworks that conceptually weave a variety of urban threads, maybe even nets, grids, and maps. I cannot forget to mention the fact that he sometimes used hair materials, because of how and where he grew up. While researching the different artist I realized Mark Bradford and Lynda Beglis were two completely different people. Lynda Beglis was more of an artist that could adapt to anything on Earth. She used more of natural Earth elements. She used materials like ceramic extruder, latex, beeswax, polyurethane, bronze, aluminum, lead, and even gold leaf and glass. Also, Benglis’s work is a continuation of the Abstract Expressionist tradition of dripping and pouring pigment from above. She distanced herself from the serious, sad and depressing colors and macho materials used by her contemporaries. She often decided not to use a canvas and let her surroundings and environment take the wheel and create the shape of her sculpture. Both of this artist tend to choose their materials from the outside world it’s just two different inspired ideas. These artists are very similar and very different in many diverse ranges, it all just depends on the artist and their inspiration.

Mark Bradford and Lynda Benglis contrasting backgrounds greatly influence the kind of restrictions they put themselves at, and what they expect from themselves. They are both active artist that are limited or limit themselves by time and materials. As very influential artists, they have high expectations for themselves. The materials and time they have may differ, but they always find a way to rebel against political limits.

Mark Bradford did not have much money in his early life. He could not buy many materials in his early career, so he went to home depot to buy wrongly mixed colors and endpapers. Today, he still gets materials at home depot. On the other hand, Lynda Benglis’s access to materials was not as limited as Bradford’s was. She had more money and was able to experiment with all different types of material. Both of their artwork was very contrasting in social symbolism just by the materials.

Both artists are also limited by time. In all their works, there is always a due date. According to Mark Bradford, There is always slippage. He relies on this slippage in order to fully finish his work since the due dates are nearly impossible. As for Benglis, She is always experimenting with many things. Although her limits on time is not known. She most likely relies on slippage, too. Her art can only be fully conveyed if it is finished.

Bradford and Benglis have very high expectations for themselves. Benglis has very different expectations. Her art is always rebellious and breaking all kinds of limits. Everyone expects an ironic piece from her as does she. Bradford’s art is also kind of rebellious. He is not afraid to face the harsh truth about America and shows it in his art. His art is expected to explore awkward areas.

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