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Frida Kahlo’s Political View
Words • 916
Pages • 4
Throughout my life being a woman has been a teaching process of what to expect from society and family based on your gender. Many women have suffered throughout the years from the oppression and marginalization that occurs in their country. For some women being free and liberated is still something they have not been able to experience. However, history has shown that many women advocated and fought for future generations to be able to express themselves. A woman that played…...
ArtistsFeminismFrida Kahlo
Love and Art Works of Frida Kahlo
Words • 441
Pages • 2
A lot of people recognize Frida Kahlo via the trademark eyebrows, not because of many of her pieces of art are actually self portraits. Yet, one of the documentary narrators comments during the film, 'It is truly impossible to disconnect the life of Frida Kahlo and art work of Frida Kahlo.' Two huge effects are quickly evident in the life of this famed Mexican icon, One is an nearly fatal accident at the age of eighteen, of which she then…...
ArtistsArtworkFrida KahloPainting
Frida Kahlo’s Impact on Mexican Culture, Feminism, and Popular Culture
Words • 1281
Pages • 6
Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist that has become one of the most influential and famous painters in history. Her legacy has left a huge impact on Mexican culture and popular culture that will continue through generations. Frida Kahlo de Rivera: born Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderon, was born on July 6, 1907. She was a Mexican artist. Throughout her art she used a Mexican “naïve folk art: style to explore questions of identity, postcolonialism, gender, class and race…...
Frida KahloMexican Culture
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Artists and Art: Similar but Different
Words • 2037
Pages • 9
Have you ever thought about the difference and similarities between artists and their artwork? Some might let their creativity take control, while others limit themselves and their artwork. When thinking about similarities and differences take into consideration how the artists themselves and their art are alike and different, how their artwork is alike and different, why they make the art they do, what materials they use, and what their expectations and limits are. All artists have their different inspirations. Some…...
ArtArtistsArts And CultureMy Favourite Artist
Comparing My Two Favourite Artists: Norman Rockwell and Christian Hook
Words • 3009
Pages • 13
In this essay, I will explore painting techniques and styles with oil paint by researching and comparing two of my favourite artists. The first is Norman Rockwell famous for his iconic images of everyday life. He painted in oil paints onto either linen canvas or wooden panels in a realism style, and in his lifetime painted over 4,000 original artworks. His work allowed Americans to see the lighter side of life during difficult times like The Great Depression and the…...
Art analysisArts And CultureMy Favourite Artist
The Mirror They Made: The Painter and The Photographer
Words • 2575
Pages • 11
Two of the most influential artists of the 20th century are Frida Kahlo and Cindy Sherman These artists are iconic for their extensive work in the area of self-portraiture as they redefined the female role. Self-portraiture is the most intimate form of art as it forces its the maker to hold a metaphorical and sometimes literal mirror to their identity. “The artists themselves dictate the terms on which we are invited to judge them,” comments Liz Rideal. By examining the…...
ArtistsFrida KahloPainting
Frida Kahlo’s Self-Representations and Questions of Identity
Words • 469
Pages • 2
Frida Kahlo once stated, “I paint my reality. The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration”. Art has been around for several centuries and has had many impacts on society. Women have been one of the biggest subjects in Art. They have been represented in many different perspectives throughout the years of the time era the painting was made. The three works of…...
Frida KahloIdentityVenus
Life and Art of Frida Kahlo
Words • 555
Pages • 3
Do faith and belief affect meaning and purpose? A revolutionary artist born claiming to be during the political chaos in her country. Frida Kahlo had a sense of life through treating those around her as to how she would want to be treated. Her lust for life was seen through how much she adored the children in her town, who she treated like best friends. She loved to be a child filled with nonsense, talk, and dirty jokes. Treating her…...
ArtFrida KahloLife
The Hidden Meanings In Frida Kahlo’s Paintings
Words • 1115
Pages • 5
The essay explores the works of Frida Kahlo through the use of the Subjective Frame. It focuses on the self-portraits which capture her personal life experiences of suffering caused not only by her physical injuries but also her psychological pain as a result of her unhappy marriage to Diego Rivera her personal experience made a great impact on the audience as is evident in the following artworks: “Without Hope” produced in 1945, “Self Portrait With Necklace of Thorns” produced in…...
Frida KahloPainting
Pablo Picasso’s ‘Guernica’: A Symbol Against War
Words • 696
Pages • 3
One of Pablo Picasso's famous pieces of artwork is the " Guernica". This piece can be perceived in many different ways. Guernica was produced in the year 1937, during the mortifying bombing of Guernica. Picasso produced the piece with oil and put it on a canvas. That to me has sort of a symbol to it, meaning he put his own thoughts and emotions into his pieces of artwork. Maybe putting the oil on the canvas had a special meaning…...
Pablo Picasso
A Short Biography of Pablo Picasso
Words • 1174
Pages • 5
Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Crispín Crispiniano María Remedios de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz Picasso, also what we knew for as Pablo Picasso. During his lifetime period, he did play on being many roles: master painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramics artist, etching artist, and writer. Pablo Picasso was actually a Spaniard, even though that he did spend most of his adult years in France. At his age of 13, he attended the school where his father taught; School…...
ArtBiographyPablo Picasso
The Tragic Story Behind Pablo Picasso’s Guernica
Words • 865
Pages • 4
Pablo Picasso was an innovative artist during the 20th century and used to experiment with his works. One of his most famous works; ‘Guernica’ is without a doubt one of the most powerful. Guernica is a town in Basque Country which during the Spanish Civil War in 1936 to 1939, was considered as the central point of Basque culture. This war started as Manuel Azaña, a Republican, was the president of Spain when a group of the most influential generals…...
Pablo Picasso
Pablo Picasso’s Cubism Period
Words • 1163
Pages • 5
There is a significant impact that is found in Pablo Picasso’s work of Spanish heritage. His first work points to the traditions of Spanish masters of dramatic realism and spontaneity. He then later worked on the break from conventional forms to the style that contributed to his be signature in art history. From the beginning, however, Picasso’s work shows restlessness which finally pushed him in the traditional method of artistic study. This is shown in the artist’s feelings of art…...
ArtPablo PicassoPeriod
Neo-Classicism Period
Words • 1550
Pages • 7
This purpose of this essay serves to discuss the portrayal of both women and men within the neo-classicism period in France. In order to do this one first needs to analyse and compare the concepts of Classicism and Humanism, seeing how they relate and differ. The analysis of these two movements are essential to understanding Neo-classicism and its influences as well as their reasons and interpretations for the use of female and males forms in their various creations of artworks…...
Visual Art Analysis
Words • 938
Pages • 4
Visual Art Analysis University of Phoenix Stacey Pierce July 19, 2010 "Dream caused by the flight of a bee around a pomegranate, a second before waking up" By Salvador Dali, 1994, 51? 40. 5 cm, oil on canvas Thyssen-bornemisza collection. “A typical dream with a long theme, the consequences of a sudden accident that causes the awakening” –Salvador Dali. The Style the artist has used is Surrealism. , Salvador created this piece in such a way that the picture looks…...
ArtArt analysisSalvador Dali
Van Gogh Starry Night
Words • 923
Pages • 4
Brilliance of Van Gough’s Work The Starry Night Vincent Van Gough is one of the most well known artists of all time, and one of his most popular paintings, The Starry Night, is an expression of his mystical vision. Vincent Willem Van Gogh was born in The Netherlands in 1853, he was a mentally plagued man but in his times of clarity produced works of art that to this day continue to astound people (Frank P. 375). The Starry Night…...
Starry NightVincent Van Gogh
Shakespeare’s Iago is a superhuman figure, a superb artist in evil
Words • 1244
Pages • 5
Shakespeare's Iago is a very sophisticated and unpredictable character. He is part vice and is a very deceitful and evil character. We see him as a character who tempts mankind into performing devilish conducts. This is why he is almost certainly known as inherently evil. There is a suggestion that Shakespeare's Iago is a cold-blooded creature because of motiveless plots, but we are however offered a number of reasons for his plots and plans. Like many Shakespearean villains, he is…...
Renaissance Arts and Artists
Words • 1264
Pages • 6
Renaissance Arts and Artists The Renaissance was the era in which society and culture significantly changed in Europe. It was the bridge between the Middle Ages and Modern history. The Renaissance took place from the 14th to the 16th century. It was a time of rebirth, growth, and creativity. The Renaissance was also a time in which humanism increased. During the Renaissance, a new style in painting, architecture, and literature formed. The significant changes in art, architecture, and literature during…...
ArtistsMichelangeloRenaissance Art
Paul Cezanne: a great oil painting artist
Words • 407
Pages • 2
Oil paintings are considered to be one of the best mediums of expression in art and Paul Cezanne of one such oil painting artist from France who has been mainly established as Post-Impressionist painter today. The art work oil paintings of Paul were based upon a new perspective. He was a 20th century painter, much ahead in thought process and artistic works as compared to his counterparts. He is often considered as father of all oil paintings artists of his…...
Frida Kahlo
Words • 400
Pages • 2
“I paint my own reality. ” - Frida Kahlo. To what extent is this true? People labeled Frida Kahlo as a Surrealist, although she disagreed with this title saying, “I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality. ” This statement is true to an extent because her main topics of her paintings are love, lost, politics and surgery and they reflect the events of her life. The painting “Henry Ford Hospital” or otherwise known as “The Flying Bed” was…...
Frida Kahlo
French artist Paul Cezanne
Words • 530
Pages • 3
The House of the Hanged man at Auvers, 1872 – 1873, by Paul Cezanne. Why was this painting dismissed so scathingly by some critics when it was exhibited with the Independents in 1874? Paul Cezanne was a French artist and post-impressionist. (1839 – 1906) This essay seeks to determine why Paul Cezanne's exhibited painting with the Independents 1874 of the Hanged man at Auvers, was dismissed harshly by critics. Cezanne’s style was different from all other artists in his field.…...
The Country Doctor and The Hunger Artist.
Words • 1535
Pages • 7
There are many similar and contrasting elements between Franz Kafka's The Country Doctor and The Hunger Artist. The Country Doctor is a short story about an old doctor's struggle to save a dying boys life. He must make many difficult choices as well as deal with the fact that most in the villagers have lost sight of the fact that doctors are healers, yet cannot always save the lives. The doctor is first set with the task of finding another…...
Christina Rossetti’s “In an Artist’s Studio”
Words • 732
Pages • 3
Christina Rossetti’s poem entitled “In an Artist’s Studio” is a depiction of two characters having connection with one another – the painter and the model. The painter saw different light from the model that he is painting. The model was not a usual woman but an angel or a saint that comes from heaven. He was mesmerized with the captivating aura of the woman who seemed to be simple in the past. Through the painting process, light comes within the…...
ArtistsChristina RossettiPaintingPoetry
Artist who uses drawing as an expressive medium: Andy Warhol
Words • 166
Pages • 1
Artist who uses drawing as an expressive medium: Andy Warhol Early Work: Andy Warhola began his career in 1949 as a commercial artist in New York City. He was commissioned to create a series of show illustrations for Glamour, a fashion magazine. He soon became widely popular as Andy Warhol and his works appeared in many magazines such as Glamour, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and The New Yorker. In 1951, he created drawings for television. He won the Art Director’s Club…...
Andy WarholArtistsExpressive
Andy Warhol
Words • 1950
Pages • 8
A biography of the life and works of Andy Warhol.Never before have I encountered more intriguing works of art than those done by Andy Warhol. I have been curious about his life ever since I saw his work in Milwaukee. I saw his famous work of the Campbell's Soup Can. By viewing this, one can tell he is not your average artist. I'm sure his life is full of interesting events that shaped him into who he was. As an…...
Andy Warhol
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Words • 1891
Pages • 8
A review of the literary work by James Joyce, "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man", including a history of the author.A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is considered to be one of the finest works of literature of all time. Herbert Gorman, an author from the early twentieth century, stated that "so profound and beautiful and convincing a book is part of the…...
A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man
Words • 2026
Pages • 9
A review of James Joyce's book, "A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man", illustrating his passage from boyhood to manhood. A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man In Joyce's novel, "A portrait of an Artist as a Young Man", he weaves the stories of his youth and his growth as a young man to tell us about who he was as an individual and the sort of life he lead. Joyce uses many techniques such as…...
The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo
Words • 511
Pages • 3
This artwork was conceived and painted by Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512 (Quint, 2015). The scene is located next to the other piece of art, The creation of Eve'. Historians suggest that the image could have been commissioned by the pope or other wealthy personalities of the time most of who were affiliated to the Catholic Church. They, however, agree that the image could have been inspired by a pre-existing cameo. The image represented the then day politics and religious…...
“Guernica” by Pablo Picasso
Words • 699
Pages • 3
One of Pablo Picasso’s famous pieces of artwork is the " Guernica". This piece can be perceived in many different ways. Guernica was produced in the year 1937, during the mortifying bombing of in Guernica. Picasso produced the piece with oil and put it on a canvas. That to me has sort of a symbol to it, meaning he put his own thoughts and emotions into his pieces of artwork. Maybe putting the oil on the canvas had a special…...
Pablo Picasso
The Last Judgment by Michelangelo
Words • 907
Pages • 4
Michelangelo’s Last Judgment is among the most powerful renditions of this moment in the history of christian art(Camara).It located in one of the world’s most famous rooms, the Sistine Chapel. There are over 300 muscular figures, in an infinite variety of dynamic poses that fill the wall to its edges(Camara). The figures on wall are very clear and are organised into tiers and quadrants with some meaning to each other. Christ is in centre which means he is focal point…...
Pre-Raphaelite Movement
Words • 1094
Pages • 5
In 1852, John Everett Millais finished a painting that would come to define a movement he had co-founded. 'Ophelia' was a modern masterpiece in Victorian England, and while not always critically acclaimed in its day, the painting went on to define a generation of artists. 'Ophelia' sealed Millais' fate as a leading light within the Pre-Raphaelite circle, however this painting also cemented the face of one 19-year-old model, Elizabeth Siddal, into the minds of the public forever, making her one…...
The Social and Cultural Inflictions of Bebop
Words • 1686
Pages • 7
Preceding Bebop, the swing era spanned between the 1930s and 40s and was arguably at its peak functioning as popular music of the time. Swing and Big Bands styles were predominant at this time as they offered entertainment for previously repressed individuals. The style became a symbol of hope and dreams of freedom. When America joined World War II in 1941, it is said that the culture of swing jazz musicians went to war with the rest of society as…...
ArtistsJazz MusicMusic
Within this text I’ll be investigating the work and artistic
Words • 784
Pages • 4
Within this text, I'll be investigating the work and artistic cultures of women artists through-out the period between late 18th to 20th century. I'll be asking myself why through-out this time era have female artists been crafting and producing various types of art, whether it's feminine art such as weaving or something more masculine pieces such as woodwork without any major recognition. Why have they been brushed aside and under recognized? I'll be taking a closer look at individual women…...
The topic is Artist make a difference years by years lots of
Words • 1714
Pages • 7
The topic is "Artist make a difference", years by years lots of songs released for the purpose of making some difference depend on their music. There are lots of global issues nowadays, one of the most common problems is Gender Inequalities. There are 135 nations achieved gender equality although there are still some hidden gender discriminations prevail today (Nake M. Kamrany and Catherine Robinson, 2012). Gender inequality for deeper meaning and understanding, it is when the men and women do…...
Expressionism is defined as a form of art where an artist expressing
Words • 754
Pages • 4
Expressionism is defined as a form of art where an artist expressing his feelings through painting, music, or drama rather than through reality. This was a movement that was happening in Germany during the early 20th century. In 1910 the film industry in Germany had become very popular, causing Germany to have lots of great filmmakers. One of these filmmakers was Robert Wiene. An example of expressionism was by this author and was called, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. This…...
Andy Warhol’s Art
Words • 442
Pages • 2
Andy Warhol Art is a captivating medium. A painting can speak volumes on the current culture of the society it was created in. It's not common to see a political cartoon in your local newspaper, making fun of the current political landscape and the opinion of the people. There was an artist who didn't exactly create a wacky cartoon about politics but rather took an abstract approach to satirize the culture of the United States. That artist is Andy Warhol,…...
Andy WarholArt
Postcolonial Studies
Words • 2312
Pages • 10
In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in the Post-colonialism study. According to Deepika Bahri (1996), "The field of Postcolonial Studies has been gaining prominence since the 1970s". "Some would date its rise in the Western academy from the publication of Edward Said's influential critique of Western constructions of the Orient in his 1978 book, Orientalism" (Bahri 1996). In summary, this paper is going to explore three points. Firstly the research is going to attempt to examine, analyze,…...
Kehinde Wiley have experienced racism himself when he was
Words • 1764
Pages • 8
Kehinde Wiley have experienced racism himself when he was young because of his race (African-American). At a time when he started doing this type of artworks young black men are constantly vilified in the press and mainstream media, and even murdered on the street by racist policemen, Wiley's portraits are an essential document of the power, fashion, versatility and beauty of the black community in the USA.Frida used all the tragedies (physical and psychological) that she have experienced in the…...
ExperienceFrida KahloRacism
Erwin Wurm Everyday Artist
Words • 987
Pages • 4
Erwin Wurm is an Austrian man, born in 1954. According to Oxford Art's Dictionary of Artists, he has worked as a "performance artist, photographer, [and with] body art." His entry defines his work as "pointing out the presence of a consciousness before the object" (Wurm). In general, this means that he is more concerned with the viewer than the object they view. Wurm uses everyday objects and imagery to immerse viewers in what become far-from-everyday experiences. A Fad Magazine article…...
An analysis of pieces of art
Words • 654
Pages • 3
Section 1 Alma Thomas, White Roses Sing and Sing, 1976, acrylic on canvas, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Bequest of the artist, 1980.36.3 In section one, I chose "White Roses Sing and Sing" by Alma Thomas, which is an acrylic on canvas and created in 1976. Alma Thomas was an African American artist and she had best known as colorful paintings artist. Like I mentioned in the first wiki post of "The Nature and Purpose of Art", Alma had quite a lot of…...
ArtStarry NightVincent Van Gogh
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Artist who uses drawing as an expressive medium: Andy Warhol
...Andy Warhola began his career in 1949 as a commercial artist in New York City. He was commissioned to create a series of show illustrations for Glamour, a fashion magazine. He soon became widely popular as Andy Warhol and his works appeared in many m...
Expressionism is defined as a form of art where an artist expressing
...The film, Cabinet of Dr Caligari did give off a good political message by the unusual setting and backgrounds in the film along with its eerie feeling it led to the people. This film was shown to the people of Germany in hope to have their country ch...
Kehinde Wiley have experienced racism himself when he was
...Description: Randerson Romualdo Cordeiro is himself a favela dweller, who Wiley met on the streets of Brazil. As in many countries and cities, people living geographically and conceptually on the outskirts of the town are thought to be unimportant an...
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