Artificial Intelligence Stimulates the Human Intelligence With the Use of Computer System

What is artificial intelligence?

In computer science, artificial intelligence (AI) or machine (computers) intelligence is described as the intelligence demonstrated by machines and work like humans who have natural intelligence (Russell & Norvig 2009). AI technology includes speech recognition, learning, planning and problem solving (Andreas & Haenlein, 2018).

Application of AI in social media and communication

Technology makes the life more comfortable and efficient. Easy handling machines make the communication fast. Recently improved technologies like social media make a radical change in communication (Ava, 2019).

Demanding sections in social media are advertising, customer service and digital marketing. AI helps to control the communications (Aristea, 2016). Facial expressions with tongue movements give different meanings which machines cannot understand and AI can overcome this problem (Teich, 2019).

In social media, AI is used to analyze the audiovisual media content in movies, television programmes, advertisement videos (Pierre, 2015). Videos can be analyzed by identifying relevant objects, faces or scenes. The AI based media analysis improve media search, prepare elaborative keywords etc.

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(Speaker Independent Connected Speech Recognition- Fifth Generation Computer Corporation, 2013).

Application of AI in online shopping and banking

Online shopping can be improved by AI technologies in search and customer service. The search has changed to “cleverer” and “visual search” activities. Retail companies use AI techniques for online business (Team, 2019).

AI in banking can reduce the cost for smooth customer identification, authentication, increasing customer relationships, identification and prevention of and detecting anti-money laundering (Digalaki, 2019).

Application of AI in education

AI technology fills the gaps by developing skills of the personal and existing systems.

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AI technology is used to study in a global classroom in speaking different languages for disabled students. Presentation translator tool helps for better understanding of lessons. Teachers’ time for test paper marking and grading of student’s home work can be reduced by AI (Marr, 2018).

Application of AI in transportation

In transportation the predictable pattern can be affected by human errors, traffic or accidents and AI technology can overcome this unpredictability. Citizens’ safety in public transport can be improved by introducing tacking crime data in real time. AI applications can be used to predict the accurate volume of good in freight transportation, to reduce the accidents on highway by introducing autonomous vehicle (self driving cars and trucks), to manage the traffic congestion and accidents smarter traffic light algorithms and real time tracking (Antony, 2017).


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