Article Rebuttal Essay

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Article Rebuttal

Abortion is a disagreement that has been discuss for years. Kenny, Ph. D. and Swope (2013) of American Thinker has share with its’ audience the understanding of the struggle women has in making a decision to continue a pregnancy or to abort an unplanned pregnancy. In analyze the information in the article the reliability, credibility, and validity of the data used by Kenny, Ph. D. and Swope comes from independent psychological analysis of women’s hidden, emotional response to pregnancy, abortion, and motherhood (Kenny, Ph. D. & Swope, 2013).

The writers of this article indicated that the interviews took from 75 to 110 minutes, which require them to visualize, replicate, and use relaxation techniques in accessing these individual emotional minds, and to uncover deeply seated emotional needs and barriers (Kenny, Ph. D. & Swope, 2013). Significantly, some of these problems that relates to abortion are ethical, and religion. However, a woman has right to do whatever she want to her own body and upon her own judgment, whether it is to keep the baby or to have an abortion.

In Fact, a woman has the authority to make the decision whether to have an abortion or not based on her personal desire, financial status, or unwanted pregnancy. Kenny, Ph. D. and Swope (2013) have provided information regarding the circumstances and how abortion can affect a woman mental state of mind. Most important is to deny a fetus by terminate the fetus merely does not mean that the person is slaughter a person.

It could be that the pregnancy was an unplanned pregnancy from rape, incest, or the feeling of not wanting to bring a child in the world under certain circumstances. An example would be a medical condition that may be a live or dead situation or simply because she not ready for motherhood because of her age. For instant, a teenage girl between the age of 14 and 20 still in high school and going to college and who is struggling with finances are liable to have an abortion.

She may become remorseful, but she has to think about how pregnancy can affect her future and life. In conclusion, a woman rights to be pregnant or to abort an unwanted pregnancy should solely be left up to her no matter what her reason may be. Because she is the one that have to deal with the issues of bring a child in the world or removing the fetus to remove the stress not those groups such as the pro-lifer.

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