Article Public Opinion of Police by Different Ethnic Group Essay

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Article Public Opinion of Police by Different Ethnic Group

Down though the years there has always been tension and an on and off relationship between the community they serve and law enforcement agencies. And as with any relationship between two people there are misunderstanding, break-up and disagreements and the same is with the relationship between the community and its law enforcement agencies but just with any relationship at day’s end both the community and law enforcement have and share common concerns such as justice and deterrence.

With many of communities in America being incursion of immigrants within the last few decades; with this incursion of immigrants many communities are being bombard with so many new language and cultures diversity. Because of this wide range of ethnicity now living within many the walls of our communities and society on a whole now have different opinions and views of law enforcement. Now due to the various ethnicities flooding our communities the author will investigate how a few of these ethnicity groups like: African Americans, Asians and the Hispanics neighborhoods views racial profiling, discrimination and past experience with law enforcement agencies.

Taking a look at the traumatized relationship and association between the two, as well as the interaction and reaction from the law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. Since the conception of the law enforcement agencies race has long since been a vital playing card in policing. Even with the knowledge, awareness and understanding of this there has been some improvement but not enough. Racial opus of law enforcement alongside the racial outline of arrest, the raise in the number of arrest of non- minority like “Caucasian” by non-white law enforcement officers, while there were lower numbers of arrest by the same officers on other ethnic groups.

On the flip side of that coin, more “Caucasian” officers had a boost in the number of non-white arrest in comparison to the number of arrest involving “Caucasians”. Race has been a polarizingelement the in the society of America for years. And this is every so prevalent within the criminal justice system. Clashes involving both the communities and law enforcement are the flashpoint for practically every current inner- city riot. Ethnic Groups.

The raise of culture variety and immigration has from time to time made interaction with law enforcement difficult. Hispanics and Asian neighborhoods are often apprehensive of law enforcement officers due to their past occurrence. Their past incidents vary from their motherland of origin that was overwhelmed by civil unrest and war. This included exploitation of power by those of authority as well as much dishonesty within law enforcement agencies of that country. For this cause many minorities groups have a apprehension and more often than not an aversion to law enforcement officers.

Like within the Hispanic neighborhoods, they often feel that law enforcement agents differentiates them by racial profiling them all because of their nationality. In Arizona this is a very contentious SB 1070 unlawful migration bill that passed given law enforcement agents the power and authority to inquire of certain individual (Hispanic) of proof of documentation of legal right to be in America. This law is being adopted in other states as well like New Jersey and Texas, any where there is a high population of Hispanics.

IthasbeenreportedbytwoethnicgroupsAfricanAmericansandHispanic/Latinos affirm subordinate levels of agreement concerning their relationship with police officers as compared to those of their counterpart “Caucasians”. African Americans and Hispanic/Latinos claims that there is less willingness to obey and to follow orders given by authorities especially of Caucasian origin. Racial profiling has consistently been one of the most confounding, divisive and controversial issues the police department confronts. A perception that police target members of specific ethnic or racial groups creates a deep divide between the police and the communities we serve.

But as an officer who has spent a lot of time patrolling the city’s streets, I just don’t think the perception is accurate. (Dutta, 2010) True racial profiling, in which people are targeted solely because of race or ethnicity, is both illegal and immoral. It destroys public trust and reduces the effectiveness of the police. There is no place for it in law enforcement. And I firmly believe that most LAPD officers support that viewpoint. Even the reported statement of the officer that he couldn’t do his job without racial profiling was most likely misinterpreted.

(Dutta, 2010) Differentiation between minorities and Caucasians is how they relate and response to law enforcement agents and how fairly or unjustly he or she feels their treatment was. This is a how many African Americans and Hispanic/Latinos responded when asked by authorities regarding their relationship with law enforcement agencies this is less equality than when Caucasians reported. Reference: Dutta, Sunil, Los Angeles Times, Criminal Profiling vs.

Racial Profiling 11- 22- 2010 Retrieved 05/20/2013 http://articles. Newport, Frank, Gallup News Service, Racial Profiling is Seen as Widespread, Particularly Among Young Black Men, 12-11-1999 Retrieved 05/20/2013 http://www. gallup. com/poll/3421/racial-profiling-seen-widespread-particularly-among- young-black-men. aspx Maxson, Cheryl, Hennigan, Karen,Sloane, David C. ,Factors That Influence Public Opinion of the Police ,06, 2003 : Police discipline and misconduct, community policing, and media. Retrieved 05/20/2013 -http://www. nij. gov/pubs-sum/197925. htm.

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