Arthur Miller & Eddie Carbone's downfall

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Loss of popularity is Eddie’s central worry which directed him to death. He was is so concerned about what the neighborhood thinks of him because he lives in Brooklyn which is a tough part of downtown New York and it was close nit, meaning that they care about what the community thinks of them. When they heard what Marco had said and done to Eddie, they probably thought it would be better not to talk to Eddie, as it might affect them.

It is these thoughts that hurt Eddie knowing what the community thought of him and lead to his decline.

That’s why he was demanding respect and would not back down and I believe this motivated him a lot, knowing he had a bad reputation in the community and the only way he could see to get his respect back would be for Marco to say that he was wrong. As a result of Marco not giving ‘Eddie’s name back’ Eddie died Eddie is respected in his neighborhood and many people look up to him.

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Louis says: “Believe me, Eddie; you got a lotta credit comin’ to you”.

Eddie acted according to the Italian code of conduct which teaches to be respected but when Marco spat at Eddie’s face, Eddie evidently felt insulted that he’d lost all respect that the neighborhood had for him. Eddie shouts: “I want my name! ” Eddie’s notions of manhood also lead to his downfall because of his unwillingness to compromise and because of his self indulgent that he could not take Alfieri’s advice to let Catherine do what she wanted to do.

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Eddie’s aspiration for Catherine is a key factor leading to his downfall.

I think his secret desire for Catherine motivates him a great deal. He is so protective of her that he does not want her going out or wearing revealing clothes. This is shown when he says: “I think it’s too short” and he doesn’t like the way she walked. He says: “now don’t aggravate me Katie you are walkin wavy” He probably didn’t like the way she walked because it probably got attention from men and Eddie didn’t like that because in a way he thought Catherine was his.

He also says: “you ain’t all the girls” This is Eddie saying you are not all the girls, you’re my girl. He doesn’t like the way she walks and dresses and that she is getting a job because all these things show that she is becoming a woman and Eddie doesn’t like this, so he is motivated to protect her as much as possible. He was very strict with her as she was growing up. As soon as she saw a boy (Rodolfo) she literally jumped at him.

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