Art Of Racing Essay

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Art Of Racing

Denny Swift is a very intellectual human being, especially when it is go time on the asphalt racing strip. He puts his mind into race mode and lets the auto pilot take over and slide through all the corners, especially in the rainy weather that dissipates others.

This complex character is a rare human being, not for the reason of being a good racer in the rain. But he takes responsibility, when something happens from a decision whether he’s wrong or right he owns up to it. Either taking the success with triumph or openly accepting the fact of being wrong. When he is wrong he try’s his very hardest to resolve the situation, and fix things rather than putting it off to others or blaming it on someone else. But no matter what in any situation he implies the thoughts of others and taking them into consideration as well for what other characters in the book have to say and how they feel. When Eve was sick she didn’t want him to see, her like that and when Eve demanded Denny to leave he listened, also leaving Enzo by her side and Zoe in the care of Eve’s Parents.

The real other half of Denny is his automobile racing career. He is a very experienced and intellectual racer, Denny’s skill on the track are unbelievable especially in the rain. He is able to predict what to do in situations on the track before they happen, turning before sliding, sliding before turning. A quote he says which is “ What we manifest is before us”, meaning by decisions we make affects our future turn out and relates to his racing because he makes a move before its made for him. The part about Denny’s career would be the time he has off the track because it is limited. He has to practise in order to get better, which is more and more time away from his family and his best friend Enzo.

His racing can relate to his life, every choice he makes can affect his way of life. Just like every move on the track can affect your outcome at the finish line. To be a very good racer, not only do you need the skills but the will power to push the limits and be better than everyone. Denny executes dangerous maneuvers to be first to cross the finish line first. Denny try’s his very hardest to be the best guy he can be whether it hurts him or not, and couldn’t be or do what he does without the support of his loved ones, Eve, Zoe and Enzo, the most important people in Denny’s life that he cares most about.

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