Art of Living Essay

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Art of Living

I remember when I was young, I’ve been wondering why people are living? Why we exist? Why do all these stuffs are here on earth? There are lots of questions filled up my mind yet I found no answer. I can’t think enough for these, I need answers; I have to know what is really the reason of one’s existence.

I am very much sure that in millions or billions of people who are living, it’s not only me who became curious on this matter. Many of us are wondering but only few have really the intention to know. Knowledge on self exists; but sincere seekers are rare. We people are used to the concept of ‘routine’ that we do daily activities systematically and so we better not bother ourselves asking and just do what we have to do. But in the end of the day, you’ll still ask who am I? We all know that life is subjected to four laws: birth, disease, old age and death but letting go, and paying attention to what is always present naturally allows this divine life to overtake your existence.

Existence of something does not only ends with the point that it exists but to what purpose and position it stands for. We people came from the Superior Soul, our God who has given us the life. We have a superior therefore we are the inferior. We are dominated and controlled as our position here. And our natural function is to render loving service to God as we serve in this world.

Somebody told me there are two kinds of world: the material world which is made up of matter and subjected to perish, a world where nothing is permanent; and secondly the spiritual world or the “Kingdom of God” where there’s no night or day and full of bliss. Now, we are already living in the first kind of world, the question is how can we be in the second world? And that’s simply by being conscious or aware, the things being portrayed by Sat-Chit-Ananda and doing our real purpose which is to follow him and his instructions. Being a Christian we are told of two major instructions. The first and foremost is “Love God with all your heart, mind and entire being” and the next is “Love your neighbors even your enemies” Loving your enemies is something near impossible but not doing it is what we call ‘false Christianity’.

For us to follow Him and do His instructions there must be selflessness or God-consciousness within us, and one of the best things that shows selflessness is something portrayed in art works. Some would say, art is a way of expressing oneself but it’s not mostly like that. We would be selfish not selfless if we will make an art just to express our views, yet an artwork would be something great if it would be a catalyst of peace and other environmental issues. An artwork is beautiful because of its purpose that must connive with the natural function of the artist as a man-to serve God. We don’t just live here, we exist for a purpose and that is the art of living.

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