Art museum Essay Topics

Preston Hall Museum

Preston Hall Museum was originally built in 1825 by a solicitor called David Burton Fowler. The museum is situated on the A135, on Yarm Road. In 1828 David Burton Fowler died, and it remained in the Fowler family, until 1882 when his great nephew sold the house for 27,500 to Robert Ropner. The family lived… View Article

Museum Visit

People throughout the world are blessed with the gift of art. We all ponder how it is accomplished and achieved, but in the end it all comes down to the remarkable artists that craft each work of art. Even though areas in the world house a substantial amount over others, there are still a number… View Article

My Worst Vacation

The purpose of the first leg of our ill-fated trip was to attend my sister-in-law’s wedding in a tiny suburb of Nuremburg called Weilersbach. Weilersbach is an adorable little town where men push empty wheelbarrows and women stand on their doorsteps sweeping nothing. I assume that the town was bombed during the war, but the… View Article