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The American Dream in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby
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The American dream means striving for success or wealth. But F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby interprets the American dream from a different perspective. He explains how people can interpret these ideas to fit their criteria or what suits them better. Fitzgerald uses characters such as Jay Gatsby who manipulates the Dream and is unable to tell the difference between his imaginary life of wealth from real life. This story explains how people's desires for wealth and power can change…...
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Picturebook Analysis
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Picturebooks are often labelled as ‘easy’ books with simple illustrations, large fonts, few words, and produced exclusively for children. Indeed, the Randolph Caldecott Medal committee definition states: ‘A “picture book for children” is one for which children are an intended potential audience’ (ALA). Picturebooks may masquerade as ‘easy’ texts, but their child friendly appearance masks the intricacies that they often contain. Contemporary picture books have become more sophisticated, encourage multiple readings, and may deal with complex issues. Today they are…...
?Time Capsule: The Renaissance and the Age of Baroque
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The European Renaissance was a time of cultural transition in Europe from a society rooted in religious focus and compliance to humanism and artistic expression. Although the majority of Europe remained loyal to the Papacy and Catholicism, the Renaissance brought about scholars that encouraged human artistic expression and self-fulfillment. Prior to the Renaissance, devout Catholics led simple lifestyles, with few amenities or luxuries. They believed worldly pleasures were offensive to God. Renaissance Humanists did not believe this to be true.…...
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