Art: It's The Essence Of Life

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Art is anything that gives you hope, a reason to express yourself, that art is something that allows you to live freely. Art is beautiful because it’s the essence of life. Art gets you moving on many levels. You are defined by your art when you feel lost the art is how you express yourself when you feel that nobody can hear you. In an environment where so many of us are switching to automatic, art is reconnecting us to each other and ourselves.

We make art out of our hearts, most of all because we can’t do it. It is what we do for ourselves in a world of demands. Art means therapy. It is the comfort of pain, despair, and isolation. It gives us a sense of purpose.

Another view considers art to be a series of discoveries or inventions that reflect fact. (Armstrong 2013) Based on the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Art is a very wide range of human activities involved in the creation of visual, auditory or Performing objects — works of art — which transmit creative or technological skills to the artist and which are intended to be admired for their beauty or emotional strength.

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Arts curriculum also aims to promote imagination and encourages young children’s natural imagination. This is where Artistic Freedom comes up, Artistic freedom is the right without the interference of state and non-state actors to envision, construct and transmit diverse cultural expressions free from government censorship It includes the freedom of all people to acquire these works and is deemed necessary for the well-being of society.

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(Sheerin, 2018)

Since freedom of artistic expression has a wide range, the artists are finding ways to engage in politics in the current political climate. The creative population takes it upon itself to prove that art plays a vital part in society. The power which art has in protest when used efficiently is what brings an idea to the general public. Art is used in a variety of ways and can educate younger generations to understand and demonstrate. Techniques for incorporating other campaigns and demonstrations can be repeated and criticized. Some artists may want to put down the brushes, shut down their laptops and join as people are called into action on the street. But they too can use their talent and vision to help a movement. The art of protest culture is vast and complex. Through this brief review, we look back at a selection of last-century political influence artists to get inspired by creative calls to action. (Macfarlane 2017)

But not all artists use their artistic freedom for protest art, some use art as propaganda especially biased that promotes a political point of view. This study draws out whether if the freedom of artistic expression has a negative or positive effect on the society, how they will benefit from it 

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