Art History Essay

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Art History

I have had to date a career in event and music management. I studied drama at Manchester Met University and then left to work in event and music management. I have had a passion for art since childhood. Over the past three years i have sought to use this enthusiasm to good effect. I focused on discovering new talent and learning about the process of creation and also the curating of exhibitions.

This lead to me creating a pop up exhibition for students at Central Saint Martins in a vacant space on the Portland estate in Marylebone. I also worked in collaboration with commercial clients; Art related fashion Installations at The Saint Martin’s lane hotel alongside the Opera Gallery on Bond Street and also in New York for the Morgan’s hotel group. I started up an event management company with two other people.

We parted company and i used the quite challenging period after this to rethink my ideas and what i wanted to do with my life. I read around the subject of Art History extensively during this period. I am now assisting my father in his emerging market advisory company. i have persuaded him to consider developing the cultural industries side of the business with a focus on exploring market opportunities in Africa in relation to art. I want to underpin this with increasing my academic and practical knowledge of contemporary art.

In the past i have completed number of courses at Central Saint Martin’s school of arts in art politics and also an introduction into curating. In the weekly classes it gave me the basic framework and understanding of contemporary art, artists and museums. Within the curating course you learnt to build ideas on exhibition making and also gain an understanding of historical models of the past that really aided me in my professional collaborations.

These courses have motivated me to this point and really cemented the idea of studying in more depth and looking at the business of Art as a career. I am currently attending Morley College and studying a short course in Japanese Prints and French art in the middle ages which are both coming to an end. I looked at the Sotheby’s course in contemporary art and it seems a natural progression from what I have done in the past and will aid to my further studies in the history of art this year and a career in the arts.

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