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Art and Society Essay

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All art – whether it be visual, music, literature, film, etc. – is affected by the specific cultural climate in which it is produced (time, place, social conventions, etc.) and is often created in reaction to “movements” or styles that came before it. How important is it to know these sorts of historical details to appreciate a work of art? To know the historical details of a work of art is essential because without it you would never be able to aprreciate the work the same way.

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To be able to understand it better one has to know at what point in time was it made so when you see a painting of a steamboat knowing that the painting was made just after it was invented would give you a much different understanding than if it was made yestaerday. To whole different emotional responsed would be made. This is the same for the place (culture) social conventions, etc.

What is ‘Good’ Art? 8. As you wander through the contemporary galleries on the first or second floor, select a work of art that leaves you puzzled at best. Write down the title and the artist. Research the piece at the library or on the internet, or speak to an art expert to understand the artist and the intended message. (a) Does this new information change your appreciation for the piece? Explain by referring specifically to the artist’s intention and the specific work.

I chose “The Bremen town musicians” by Gim Hong-Sok South Korea. After searching in the internet I found out that the sculpture of the Donkey, Dog, Cat and a Rooster, is actually based on a story by the Brothers Grimm with the same title, I had no idea what the sculpture meant at that time because there is no description except a “fictional one” which states that the furry animal costumes are a family of Mexican illegal aliens and that they are paid 8 dolars a day for posing as said sculpture. I think that Gim just wanted to add some humor to art and to the viewer, as many works of art are deeply sentimental and emotional, which I found very satisfiying.

In your contemporary gallery wanderings, choose two pieces of work you consider to be ‘good’ and two you consider bad art. (b) Identify the pieces and state the criteria you consider to be important in making ‘good’ contemporary art[PH1].  Good Art Why? Impenetrable-Mona I think its very good art because it’s a very innovative piece of work, it is just long lines of steel tubes in the form of a cube but the spaces are so tightly together and with small spikes which make the piece impenetrable just like its named. It also looks modern and neat as it appears to be floating in the air and can be appreciated in 360.

Bad Art Why? Jean Paul Riopelle-Untitled I think this is bad art because, there is no pattern at all its just random splashing of colours, and the piece of work doesn’t even have a title, which makes me think as a receiver that Riopelle was just too lazy to come up with a decent name because there was no feeling input into it. (c) If the artworks you were looking at weren’t part of a national collection and within a purpose-built gallery designed by an internationally recognized architect would you still view them the same way? Who do you think makes the decisions of what appears in National Gallery exhibits? Does their expertise and background matter in your experience of the works?

If the pieces I saw were not a part of the national collection, I wouldn’t view the same way because they wouldn’t have the same artisitic value. If a piece of art is recognized by the world and known artists and collections, it gives the works of art much more significance. This doesn’t mean everything that they consider art is something I will also consider art just because its in the gallery. (d) Do you have the same reactions to the works online as you did viewing them in person? What’s missing? Is this important in viewing art? Can we have the same understanding of something filtered through a “virtual experience” as exposed to actually experience it in person?

Interestingly, one exhibit in the galleries is two computers linking to the website atworkandplay.ca No I don’t have the same reaction because the quality and the size you can appreciate the works of art is totally different in real life, art is not just viewing but also EXPERIENCING and if you just view it online you are missing the experience of actually being there.

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