Emile Noldes Prophet: A Classic Relief Print Example

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A woodcut print
such as Emile Nolde’s Prophet is
an example

of? a relief print arte 10 nmj< div class=" flashcards __ single-item study-vc_row-flex
” > Which popular French illustrator developed Rue Transnonain? Honoré Daumier One of the greatest of the early masters of
the intaglio process was the artist? Albrecht Dürer.
Two Courtesans, Inside and Outside the Display Window by Suzuki Harunobu is an example of what type of art?
Japanese nikishi-e
Peter Halley’s Exploding Cell is an example of what sort of printmaking?
June Wayne’s Knockout can be interpreted primarily as a.


feminist artwork whose content references male violence and genetics

Marilyn Monroe, by Andy Warhol, is an example of what kind of printmaking?

The Japanese print by Utamaro, titled The Fickle Type, represents what type of printmaking?

Jane Dickson’s Stairwell illustrates which printmaking process, which relies for its effect not on line but on tonal areas of light and dark?

Which of the following is an example of relief printmaking?

What is the process that assures that the colors of a linocut or other relief print will align perfectly?

. Because in lithography the printing surface is completely flat, it is referred to as?

Monotype is unique among printmaking processes because it produces?
only one print from the plate.

In any type of printmaking, after an initial set of prints is made and the block or plate is destroyed, the set of prints is referred to as?
an edition

If an artist pushes the point of a burin across a metal plate, forcing the metal up in slivers in front of the burin, the process is called?

Which process best describes intaglio printing?
The area that prints is below the surface of the plate.

Silkscreen printing, previously used in commercial packaging, was first used as an art medium in ?
mid-20th century in the United States.

When and where was printmaking first developed?
in the 9th century in China

The Diamond Sutra is remarkable because?
it is the frontispiece for the earliest known printed book.

What printmaking technique was used in The Nuremberg Chronicle?

When was the The Nuremberg Chronicle printed and what is its subject matter?
in the 15th century and it is a history of the world to that point

Which of these was normal subject matter and ukiyo-e or nishiki-e prints?
women engaged in everyday activities

What is the main advantage of linocut over woodcut printmaking?
it is easier to cut into linoleum than wood

According to the text, lithography was almost dead as an art medium in the 1960s until which person almost single-handedly saved it?
June Wayne

What is the chief advantage of printmaking over other media?
the artist can make multiple copies of a single image

What was the earliest printmaking technique used in the West?

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Emile Noldes Prophet: A Classic Relief Print Example

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